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Slammaster Meeting News - Big Changes

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Slammaster Meeting News - Big Changes
« on: April 05, 2004, 08:40:57 AM »
Well the Annual Slammasters Meeting ended yesterday, and many changes were made.  I'm going to update with a more complete list later, but here are some of the highlights:

1- The bout rotation is no longer 4 teams/4 rounds.  It's now 5 teams/3 Rounds.  That means each team will only have 3 poems in elimination rounds.  It also means you will face 8 teams in prelims, as opposed to 6, as this allows for up to 80 teams at NPS.  

2- Teams can now have 3-5 members, no more 5th wheel, all 5 poets can perform in any combination, as long as no 1 poet performs solo twice in 1 bout. 5 Poet group pieces are a now allowed.  Decisions about who performs when would be made by the coach, so choose your coach wisely(and don't choose me).

3- NPS 2006 will be in Austin, Texas.

4- There is talk about removing the Storm poets from NPS, as they now have IWPS to go to.  There was no decision made.

5- New EC Members, President - Taylor Mali(Slamnation Villain);
Secretary Cynthia French(NPS 2002 Boss) ;
Trustee- Kimberly Simms(IWPS 2004 Boss);
Re-elected Member VP-Scott Woods (Sweet!)

6- Marc Smith (So what?)- Stepped down as President for Life, citing it was time for him to step back.  He will still be around in some capacity.

7- Deb Marsh (Slam Goddess) Did not run for EC re-election, after serving on every EC since it began.  She will still be involved in NPS and, of course the Ann Arbor Poetry Slam.  

8- Some tournament rules were clarified, and some penelties were added to rules that had none.  Nothing major, check for more info.

10 - There were some bylaw changes, mostly affecting the way Venues become registered and certified, and for how much.

More on later!

What are your thoughts,  Poetry Slam Community ?