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Changes to Forum/ Feb-2008 Thunderclap

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Changes to Forum/ Feb-2008
« on: February 24, 2008, 05:34:43 PM »
In order to begin taking additional payment processors, we needed to be able use our SSL certificate and encryption on the store section of this site.  Unfortunately, the forum software didn't really like that at all, and it broke everything on the Test Server and made me a very sad panda.

To solve this problem, I have to split the forums off again.  Most of you won't notice, since all you use is the forum.

What this means to you
  • Your login and password will still work in both places, until you change it
  • If you change your password on the forum, it will not change on the store
  • New Members will need to create a separate account for the store (to purchase memberships) and the forum (to post here)

This is a step back to where we used to be, and I am working on a fix for this issue.

If you have problems, PM me or send an email to support [at]