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The Retort United - Grand Rapids, MI

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The Retort United - Grand Rapids, MI
« on: April 12, 2017, 11:55:25 AM »
The Retort United
2nd Monday of every month.
The Drunken Retort
Stella's Lounge
53 Commerce Ave Sw
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Retort United Slam Selection Process
Points System

Slam Masters:
Marcel “Fable” Price
Rachel Gleason

53 Commerce Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Every Monday (Slam every 2nd Monday)
The Drunken Retort Slam offers a minimum of 6 qualifying slams, with the points system as follows:

1st – 25pts
2nd – 20pts
3rd – 15pts
4th – 10pts
5th – 12th  - 2pts

The slam will be judged by 5 random judges from the audience (none of which people who came with one of the artists in the slam) on a scale of 1-10; dropping the highest and lowest score.

The Drunken Retort has 3 hosts and 2 slam masters.
On nights when one of the slam masters chooses to slam, they will not be referred to as “host of The Drunken Retort” nor treated different than any other artist.

Slam Finals: 
Competing poets will sign a slam agreement prior to the start of the slam.
Slam master reserves the right to alter, adjust, or change the Slam Agreement within 5 days notice.  Slam master reserves the right to remove a team member deemed unhealthy, harmful or dysfunctional to the team as the slam master so chooses.

10 Poets will be competing for Team Nationals, 5 for IWPS, and 5 for WOWPS.

If a replacement is needed they will be selected from 5th place on down or, or one of the Slam Masters/Coaches will serve as a replacement. 
The slam master has the right to choose replacements for the health of team cohesion.

Poet must be living, breathing and cannot have been on another team or another city’s team in the last year.

Slam Season:
The slam master and administrative team will decide the duration of the slam season.

Slam Rules:

In the event that there is a tie for first place, the poets will perform a tiebreaker poem. If this results in another tie, the poet with the highest cumulative score will be determined the winner.
(The poets will be given the option to share the 1st and 2nd place prize money and the title.)

Prizes: The top 3 poets will receive a prize
1st Place - 2/3 of “Pass The Hat”.
2nd Place - $10 Gift Card
3rd Place - $10 Gift Card
4th Place - $10 Gift Card

On the nights of Finals (IWPS, WOWPS, and Nationals) there will be NO prize money given, all of this will go to the yearly registration fees for each competition.

No Repeat Rule: Poets who successfully make it to the THIRD round of a slam can NOT repeat the poem they use in that round in later slams until iWPS, WOWPS, National Finals, or the next season.
If a poet repeats a poem they have previously used in the third round during the season, they will be disqualified from the possibility of returning to compete in the Grand Slam Finals. If there is a tie breaker round, the rule does not stand and poets may use poem that was performed in a previous third round.