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General Discussion / Re: NUPIC 2015 OAKLAND RESULTS.....
« Last post by Harlym 125 on July 06, 2016, 09:13:58 AM »
Its all love my G!

If you want in for the 8th Annual National Poetry Individual Poetry Competition (NUPIC), get your guts and skills right and email with your name, city and state you represent/team as well and a reliable number for me to text NUPIC information too. This event takes place at our Nationals, (which are in Decatur GA this year!) but right after the Group Piece Finals.  There are 16 spots. It costs $125 to compete and ALL OF THE MONEY COLLECTED GOES TO THE WINNER. NO ONE ELSE GETS PAID ANYTHING. THAT INCLUDES ME. I TAKE NOTHING OFF THE TOP, but do accept gratuity from the champ! That makes the pot substantial. By now, you all should know this is ours and we do this for our poetry fam.  No judges, just noise. No amplification, just voice. 3 minute time limit and me, Harlym 125 is your host. NUPIC......WE ARE THE RUMBLES BENEATH THE GROUND OF POETRY.

Will you be the NUPIC 2016 CHAMPION?

Unless our community suggest otherwise, this event will continue to reign as simply an incredible moment in Poetic-Art history!  Understand this event is not sanctioned by PSI, nor in contest with PSI, but is open to PSI Members Only.

The night for this competition will be Friday, August 05, 2016. The location and time of this competition will be undisclosed until the night of the event. Text messages identifying the time and location will be sent to an individual competitor or contact person for each team entering a poet to compete. The alternative to a text message will be direct contact from me, and word of mouth. If your team plans to enter a poet into the competition please email or contact me.  There will only be 16 spots.  I will accept entries up to the night of August 05, 2016.  In the event of a full list there will be a waiting list up to 8.  Once the list goes beyond 8, there will be a lottery to compete, which will take place on the spot at the time and location of the event.  This is unlike slam as many of you have known it and I dare you to not fall in love with its beauty and majesty-we made it the BEAST NUPIC has become. This event is bigger than any one of us, which is why it lives within us as a community. I am the maestro for this and depend on my hopefully honorable reputation amongst you all to make this happen with more unstoppable & phenomenal love than IN THE REMARKABLE previous years…..


Here are the rules to the 
National Underground Poetry Individual Competition 2016 

1. Any 2016 registered PSI member (solo poets & volunteers qualify as well) or team can send a poet from their team to compete.
2. Each competitor/team has to "put up" $125 for their poet to enter the competition (all collected money goes to the winning poet-every cent)
3. Head to head slams (one loss and you're out) until a winner is pronounced
4. No Judges, just the crowd in attendance making the "call" based on applause, etc.
5. Winner takes all (3 minute time limit enforced). There is no second or third place.
*. I'm the host

For the people thinking they are the "shit", put your money where your mouth is; while all other nominated entrants have fun, your team at the least believes in you.  Its July and you/each team has until August 05 to get your money "right", unless the list fills, in which case you run the risk of being on the waiting list or in the possible lottery.  Being on the waiting list means in the event a spot opens up, entrants will be selected from the list compiled in numerical order by order of entry onto the list. Every penny collected goes to the winning poet. No one is paying me, nor am I taking a percentage.  To further the point I have no hidden agenda, but I simply missed the energy of the Indy's Competition at Nationals and wanted to bring it back with a twist. It was all love for the last 7 years, and by popular demand “it’s on” again….FOR AN EIGHTH YEAR. LET’S MAKE SOME MORE MAGIC BABY!

*There is only one entrant with a pass into this competition and that is the President of PSI. And this honor is out of respect for the Presidency and the "honor" of Slam, as our President is the face and representative of the values of Slam. This event is annual and an invitation will always be extended to the PSI President.
(Thanks again PSI President: for giving your support and “blessing”, but humbly declining to compete.  This means all 16 slots are available this year and the pot increases by $125.  Being our President is not easy, thanks for taking on the journey baby.)

No cameras or recording of the event is allowed. This is our continuation of something great...............

Email all info to or call (781) 726-0019
Required information includes the competitors name (pen name is fine), State/Team being represented and a reliable number to contact or text on the night of the competition. ALL COMPETITORS WILL BE UNKNOWN UNTIL THE NIGHT OF THE COMPETITION.

Let’s go fam!!!!!!!!!!!!


NUPIC…..we are the rumbles beneath the ground of poetry. 8 years in living poetry.   
General Discussion / NUPIC VIII - GA BOUND BABY!
« Last post by Harlym 125 on June 16, 2016, 11:55:53 AM »
NUPIC VIII.....its coming to Georgia!  Stay tuned my people!

NUPIC.....we are the rumbles beneath the grounds of poetry.
Slam Selection Processes / Uban Echo Poetry Slam process
« Last post by Omari on April 18, 2016, 06:24:07 PM »
 Urban Echo Poetry Slam Series
1464 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48207
Every Monday (originally) now every 3rd Friday
Urban Echo Poetry Slam offers a minimum of 6 qualifying slams in which the top two poets from each slam (that have not previously quailfied) advance to the Grand slam Finals.
The slam is judged by 5 random judges from the audience.  If the slam master chooses to slam, a guest host will run the slam without the slammaster intruding on the hosts decisions or process, however the documented will be provided to the guest host and said host will contractually agree to adhere to the process.
Each slam will be announced at a minimum of one week in advance, Grand slam finals will be announced 2 weeks in advance.   

Grand Slam Finals:  Competing poets will sign a slam agreement prior to the start of the slam. scoring is cumulative in the first two rounds, clean slate in the final round.   
Replacement: If a replacement is needed the replacement will be selected either in runner ups from 5th place on down or, or the coach will serve as replacement.  The slammaster has the right to choose replacememts for the health of team cohesion.
Qualifications: Poet must be living, breathing and cannot have been on more than 2 previous teams unless they are part of the management team.

Season duration will be decided by the slammaster and administrative team.

Slammaster reserves the right to alter, adjust, change the Slam Agreement with a 5 day notice.  Also slammaster reserves the right to remove a team member deemed unhealthy, harmful or dysfunctional to the team as the slammaster so chooses.

General Discussion / Re: NUPIC 2015 OAKLAND RESULTS.....
« Last post by Christopher-Michael on August 17, 2015, 09:48:48 AM »
Thank you for your dedication to this Harlym.
General Discussion / NUPIC 2015 OAKLAND RESULTS.....
« Last post by Harlym 125 on August 17, 2015, 09:41:43 AM »
Thank you to our entire poetry fam for allowing NUPIC to happen again and with an incredible display of art, love and integrity.  Thank you all for being there for me as I dealt with a family emergency and stepping up to assist me. To my Lizard Lounge Team, Jesse Parent, Mark Palos, Cole Rodriguez, and Jive Poetic, words can't express my appreciation for the roles you played in this year's NUPIC.  Onto the spoils.....
After rockin' Prelims, Semi's, Group Piece finals and then NUPIC from 2AM until 5:30AM this past Friday.....WIl GILES earned the "People's Champ" NUPIC Title for 2015!  Wil, hold us down for the year comrade, as you represent what our community deemed great art and you join and incredible family of poets that have earned the NUPIC Champ Title. Be beyond measure my poet.  Until next year, and in ATLANTA!

NUPIC.....we are the rumbles beneath the grounds of poetry.

-harlym 1two5
General Discussion / Going Dark for NPS 2015 in Oakland, CA
« Last post by inkera on August 07, 2015, 05:03:44 PM »
Peace and Blessings_

You should consider the offices, emails, and phones of PSi closed until after NPS 2015.

You can reach the Executive Director and the majority of the EC on site at NPS but we are now either on the road or preparing for travel.

If you are not attending NPS, and have an issue, please understand that it may not be handled until Monday, 17 August, once we have returned to our destinations.

See you soon!

Inkera Oshun, President
Poetry Slam, Inc.
(980) 475-5564
General Discussion / NUPIC 2015 OAKLAND PART II is set!
« Last post by Harlym 125 on August 07, 2015, 01:21:46 AM »
There are now only spots on the wait list for NUPIC.. Please email to register. The wait list typically moves at least two spots, although, less and less this is seeming to be the case. Poets are moved from the wait list in the order upon which they were put on. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN FOR MAKING THIS NUPIC THANG HAPPEN AGAIN. NUPIC ISN'T ANY ONE OF US, BUT IS ALL OF US AT THE SAME TIME! POETRY LOVE MY SLAM FAM.

OAKLAND! HERE WE COME BABY!  LETS GET IT MY SLAM FAM!  And if you're down,Kim going to see the NWA FILM while on the WEST COAST!  I can't think of a better place to be to see the movie; surrounded by great people, art, brilliance, passion and love.  May we all shine!

NUPIC, we are the rumbles beneath the grounds of poetry.....!
Yes indeed! This shit is rockin' sun! One spot left.  Who want it? Take belongs to you.  You can and you shall, but first you must believe and then; fly you mighty eagle!  Email to register!

NUPIC.....we (all of us.....and that includes YOU) are the rumbles beneath the grounds of poetry.
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