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General Discussion / Re: Old NPS Finals Scores
« Last post by suziqsmith on August 11, 2014, 01:21:38 PM »
is there a place to see scores for Finals stage and how the Finals shaped up from the inception of NPS to now?

As far as historical data, they live on as legend in our hearts and minds.

As for the most recent NPS Finals, they can be found here - thank you, Tova Charles:
General Discussion / Old NPS Finals Scores
« Last post by shihan on August 11, 2014, 01:01:59 PM »
is there a place to see scores for Finals stage and how the Finals shaped up from the inception of NPS to now?
There is still1 spot remaining in NUPIC. PLEASE EMAIL (aol still works people!) to register. Also email me if you want to be on the text message list announcing the location of NUPIC.

And the spot that will hold NUPIC is so fuego!!!!!!
BUT WHATS "MORE FIRE!" Are the poets throwing the flames.  I want to tell y'all so bad who's ROCKIN this year, but you know that can't happen til the event. JUST KNOW THERE WILL BE NO ROOF REMAINING AFTER THESE POETS DROP JEWELS.

Who want it?
Who will be the years NUPIC PEOPLEZ CHAMP?
Will your city be on the NUPIC Map?
I dare you to do it. I dare you to be as brilliant as you are.......will you?
Your time is now.


TURN UP!-NUPIC 2014.....we are the rumbles beneath the grounds of poetry.
Here are the results of the Dwntown Poetry Krewe
Saturday July 26, 2014 Red Beans & Write Poetry Slam
That took place @ the Rosa Parks Transportation Center
101 Jefferson Street, Suite 100, Lafayette, LA 70501

1. Candor                        29.6
2. Eljay                           26.5
3. The Naked Truth         26.6
4. Moonshyne                 28.2
5. Hungry Hungry           27.9
6. Regina Hellfire             26.1
7. Yah Fu                        29.7

1. Yah Fu                          28.9 (58.6)
2. Candor                         29.4 (59.0)
3. Moonshyne                   26.4 (54.6)
4. Hungry Hungry             29.4 (57.3)
5. The Naked Truth           30.0 (56.6)
6. Eljay                             27.1 (53.6)
7. Regina Hellfire               25.3 (51.4)

Final Results
1. Candor                            59.0 (10 points)
2. Yah Fu                            58.6 (7 points)
3. Hungry Hungry               57.3 (5 points)
4. The Naked Truth             56.6 (3 points)
5. Moonshyne                     54.6 (1 point)
6. Eljay                               53.6 (1 point)
7. Regina Hellfire                 51.4 (1 point)

Attached are the official point standings as of August 1, 2014
(We have 4 more events for poets to earn points toward the January 2015 Grand Slam Finals!!!
General Discussion / Re: Registration Issue When Registering New Slam
« Last post by suziqsmith on July 29, 2014, 12:11:35 PM »
Hi Houston,

Please e-mail and our Venue & Membership Administrator can tell you whether or not we've received your payment & verification materials.
hello. been pending approval for slammaster forum since like... march. thank you.
General Discussion / Registration Issue When Registering New Slam
« Last post by HoustonRH7 on July 29, 2014, 10:00:22 AM »
So, I've been trying to register a new slam through the page, and every time I do I get an error message of some kind of error page. Usually it's the "ERROR 500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR" page, though occasionally it will just pop up with a single line of text about an invalid time-out or something like that. I've tried this about 4 times so far, and I'm a bit worried to keep trying in case the site decides to charge my card every time I submit the form.

Is there a way to check and see if the page has charged my card already, and the info went through? I'm assuming it didn't, since I didn't get a confirmation e-mail, but again, I'd rather not suddenly see 4 charges for registration on my card... is there a way I could do this over the phone?

The registration, by the way, was under the name "Fayetteville Word Wars".

General Discussion / PSi Names Interim Executive Director
« Last post by hsampson on July 27, 2014, 03:22:42 PM »
Poetry Slam, Inc.               July 22th 2014

For immediate release

     Poetry Slam, Inc.  (PSi)  is pleased to announce that Suzi Q Smith has been named Interim Executive director, effective immediately.
    Suzi Q Smith is intimately involved in Poetry Slam, Inc .  She has been a member of PSi for many years, she was the founding Slammaster of Slam Nuba, in Denver, the Host City Chair of The Women of the World Poetry Slam Tournament in 2012, and she has served as the Vice President of the Executive Council of PSi since 2012. 
     Ms. Smith will temporarily step aside from her Executive Council trustee post while she works as the Interim Executive Director.
    Suzi Q will team up for the remainder of July with outgoing Executive director, Karrie Waarala, to ensure a smooth transition and a continuation of services as PSi heads in to its largest annual event, The 2014 National Poetry Slam, held this August in Oakland California.
Hello all - I am trying to get set up for OM Center Poetry Slam and it says my membership is pending. Can someone direct me towards next steps?
Ladies & Gentlemen, there have been some recent changes & accomplishments in Lafayette, LA,
that I wish to bring to our PSI family attention.

1. Our name has been changed from the Lafayette Poetry Community "Spit Fire, Inspire Lives"
to the Dwn Town Poetry Krewe "Home of the Red Beans & Write" Poetry Slam & Open MIC Series!

2. After five years of serving as the Slam Master in Lafayette, LA.
We have two new Co-Slam Master of the Dwn Town Poetry Krewe
Carl "Candor" Anderson & LJ Lowery of Lafayette, LA.
They will officially take over the reigns when we re-certify our venue
for the 2015 Slam Season!

3. On June 19, 2014 on behalf of the DwnTown Poetry Krewe, Poetry Universe Television,
The Writers Guild of Acadiana, Dons Wholesale, Acadiana Youth Poets "Phresh Mindz Collective"
& Phillips Painting LLC. I became the 1st poet in Lafayette, LA history to win the
AOC Community Media 2014 Viddys "Creative Expression" Award of the Year.

4. Contact Information, our official email is
You may visit our website @
& like us on our Facebook pages @ dwntown poetry krewe,
@ Poetry Universe Television, & @ Acadiana Youth Poets

Thank you for your time, attention, & unending support.
Don "Yah Fu" Mitchell
Dwntown Poetry Krewe
Home of the Red Beans & Write Poetry Slam & Open MIC
Thank you for your time & attention.
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