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General Discussion / Re: RULE HELP
« Last post by jesster on March 25, 2014, 10:46:08 AM »
The most current rulebook is here :,1803.msg90338.html#msg90338

1) Here is the only thing we have on props

Quote from: PSI Handbook - Pages 35-36
Generally, poets are allowed to use their given environment and the accoutrements
it offers - microphones, mic stands, the stage itself, chairs on stage, a
table or bar top, the aisle - as long as these accoutrements are available to other
competitors as well. The rule concerning props is not intended to squelch
the spontaneity, unpredictability, or on-the-fly choreography that people love
about the slam; its intent is to keep the focus on the words rather than objects.
Refer to Section V (Definitions) for further clarification on what is and is not
a prop. Teams or individuals who inadvertently use a prop (for example, a
timely yet unwitting grab at a necklace) can be immediately penalized two
points if the MC of the bout deems the effect of the violation to have been
appreciable, but sufficiently lacking in specific intent. A formal protest need
not be lodged before the MC can penalize a poet or team in this way, however,
the decision of the MC can be appealed after the bout. Teams or individuals
whose use of props in a poem appears to be more calculating and the result of
a specific intent to enhance, illustrate, underscore, or otherwise augment the
words of the poem will be given a retroactive score for the poem equal to two
points less than the lowest scoring poem in that bout. This deduction, which
can only be applied after a formal protest has been lodged against the offending
team, will not be made by the MC, but by a special committee assembled
for this purpose.

and under definitions:

Quote from: PSI Handbook - Page 40
Prop: an object or article of clothing introduced into a performance with the
effect of enhancing, illustrating, underscoring, or otherwise augmenting the
words of the poem.

2) For Cheerleading, this COULD apply:

Quote from: PSI Handbook - Page 37
Influencing the crowd before the bout begins.
Poets are allowed to talk casually with anyone in the crowd before the bout
begins (except the judges, if they have already been chosen). They are not,
however, allowed to give anything to the audience or have anyone do this for
them. Furthermore, inside the venue (in the presence or within earshot of the
audience) they must not act in any way that would make more of an impression
than another competitor waiting for the competition to begin. Poets who
violate this rule will be given one warning by the MC, Bout Manager,
or house manager. Further violation will result in a two-point penalty for
that poet’s score (or his team).

3) I seem to recall Steve Marsh once talking about how the crowd can't try and do the poem with the person. I forget what he called it. Basically it's like doing a group piece. As far as the call and response some teams have, that does indeed seem to fit into the cheerleading question you asked.

Hope that helps,
General Discussion / RULE HELP
« Last post by edmabrey on March 25, 2014, 10:32:32 AM »
Didn't know the best place to post this anymore or the best person to ask, so I am posting it here.
Just a couple questions.
1) Where can I find the most up to date and extensive posting on PSI Rules as they pertain to PROPS?
2) Was there anything ever formally determined regarding CHEERLEADING in Slam Events? If so, where can I find that rule or definition?
3) Not sure where this one falls into place( I am thinking Cheerleading but could be wrong)- IS there a rule or discussion thread, about call and response poems? About the "rep your set" Call and Response that happens (this is when a person or team are about to perform and have a call and response they use as a formal declaration of who they are/where they're from/etc)?
And anything regarding the gray zone of large portions of audiences saying your poem with you or for you?
Thanks much,
Ed Mabrey
Slam Selection Processes / Fuck Yeah Poetry Slam!
« Last post by WonderDave on March 21, 2014, 06:59:39 PM »
The Fuck Yeah Poetry Slam

held online a minimum of 6 times a year
please visit our website for submission announcements.
@FYPoetryslam on twitter

The Fuck yeah Poetry Slam (also called the FY Slam to avoid swearing in front of the children) will take the two poets with the most youtube likes from each preliminary poetry slam into finals.  The Finals will select the team by using a combination of judges scores (judges will be publicly announced) and youtube likes to determine the top 4 poets.

In the event that a team member or team members are not able to make it to the National Poetry Slam. We will hold an emergency last chance slam either via the internet or as a live show.
Slam Selection Processes / San jose Poetry Slam 2014
« Last post by Scorpiana X on March 20, 2014, 10:38:05 PM »
San Jose Poetry Slam
3rd Tuesday every month
@Fahrenheit Lounge
99 E. San fernanado st.
San Jose, Ca

We are a monthly year long slam. We didn't have a December slam because we had a venue issue. We still hold slams even during the non-point months. We started our season(points) in August since folks were back from Nats. From the start of our season until our last chance slam and finals in May we will have had 7 open slams. It would have been 8 if not for the venue issue. The January slam was our wowps qualifier so it was not a points slam. We didn't have a specific process for wowps, women had priority in the signups.

We take between 8 to 10 poets in round 1. 4 poets in round 2. Basic 3 minute format.

Our point system has gone as follows:
1st place: 4 points
2nd place: 3 points
3rd place: 2 points
4th place: 1 point
Hosting: 1 point

In May, we will have a last chance slam. The winner gets a spot in finals. For finals we will do a 3 round elimination slam. 12 poets in round 1. In addition to the last chance winner, we will take the 11 poets with the most points. If anyone declines we go down the point list. If we have one spot left but more than one poet with the next amount of points, we will do a draw between those poets.
General Discussion / Re: How do I sign up a poet???
« Last post by EmilyRose on March 19, 2014, 05:02:46 PM »
to reiterate, the poet must create an account in order for us to track it.
General Discussion / Re: How do I sign up a poet???
« Last post by EmilyRose on March 19, 2014, 04:38:06 PM »

Everyone must create a new account on our new site! Please read the information here:

In the future, you will be able to purchase gift membership for other users. For right now, you can send a donation here: for $20.

Please forward me the email (to along with the email address and name of the poet whose membership you are purchasing.
General Discussion / How do I sign up a poet???
« Last post by puroshaggy on March 19, 2014, 02:39:20 PM »
How do I sign up a poet for a PSI membership?? The links only allow me to renew mine.  Is there anyway to register a poet for a PSI Membership without me having to sign them up for an online account also???
Slam Selection Processes / Neo Minds Poetry and Slam Series Slam Selection Process
« Last post by Omari on March 18, 2014, 11:33:49 AM »

Neo Minds Slam Selection Process

Neo Minds Poetry and Slam Series
At Trinosophes
1464 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48207
Every Monday (originally) now every 3rd Friday

Neo Minds offers a minimum of 6 qualifying slams in which the top two poets from each slam (that have not previously quailfied) advance to the Grand slam Finals.
The slam is judged by 5 random judges from the audience.  If the slam master chooses to slam, a guest host will run the slam without the slammaster intruding on the hosts decisions or process, however the documented will be provided to the guest host and said host will contractually agree to adhere to the process.
Each slam will be announced at a minimum of one week in advance, Grand slam finals will be announced 2 weeks in advance.   

Grand Slam Finals:  Competing poets will sign a slam agreement prior to the start of the slam. scoring is cumulative in the first two rounds, clean slate in the final round.   
Replacement: The If a replacement is needed the replacement will be selected either in runner ups from 5th place on down or, if significantly late in the teams creation, the coach will serve as replacement if qualified.  The slammaster has the right to choose for the health of team cohesion.
Qualifications: Poet must be living, breathing and cannot have been on more than 2 previous teams unless they are part of the management team.

Season duration will be decided by the slammaster and administrative team.

Slammaster reserves the right to alter, adjust, change the Slam Agreement with a 5 day notice.  Also slammaster reserves the right to remove a team member deemed unhealthy, harmful or dysfunctional to the team as the slammaster so chooses.

Ladies & Gentlemen effective immediately The Lafayette Poetry Community is revising its current point standing...
Now the current point standing is still in effect.
For every open poetry slam, poets earn

1st place = 10 points
2nd place = 7 points
3rd place = 5 points
4th place = 3 points
Just for slamming = 1 point.

Poets also earn 2 points for every open mic is in tact!!!

The addition to this point standing is as follows
For every featured poet that performs 3 or more poems as a feature earns 5 points
For every Individual Champion that represents the Lafayette Poetry Community @
Women of the World or Individual World Poetry Slam earns 5 points
If a team member travels with the team to Nationals, Southwest Regionals or Southern Regionals Competitions
Will earn 3 points each toward the 2015 Grand Slam Finals

And with that being said, I want to humbly apologize for not adding to the points standing
The poets that came out to our Buddy Wakefield Feature, in which they performed for the open mic
Friday February 7th, 2014. Buddy Wakefield earns 5 points for his featured performance
(But will not compete for the team) LJ, Lowery, Moonshyne Monceaux, Brodie Johnson, & & Yah Fu "the Pen Bender"
earns 2 points for participating in the open mic showcase 2/7/2014

Therefore the new official point standing as of 3/17/2014 is as follows

1. Author Shaquana Jackson                     10 Points

2. Robert Kindrick                                       9 Points

(Tie) 3. Rebecca "Gypsy" Doucet                 7 Points

(Tie) 3. Yah Fu "the Pen Bender"                7 Points

5. Buddy Wakefield                                    5 Points (Not Competing For The Team)

6. LJ Lowery-Eljay                                     4 Points

T 7. Carl "Candor" Anderson                     2 Points

T 7. Moonshyne Monceaux                       2 Points

T 7. Brodie Johnson                                 2 Points

T 7. Sha'Condria "ICON" Sibley                2 Points ( Not Competing For The Team)

11. Regina Hellfire                                   1 Point

The Lafayette Poetry Community want to thank each and every one of you
brave souls artistically minded wordsmiths for supporting us with your blessings & gifts!!!
We hope you continue to support to support the Lafayette Poetry Community
The next opportunity a poet can earn points is Saturday, March 29th, 2014
2:00PM, 101 Jefferson Street, Suite 100, Downtown Lafayette, LA 70501
Have any questions please email us @

Ladies & Gentlemen it is with great pleasure to announce that
Dena "the Wordsmith", Carl "Candor" Anderson, LJ Lowery, Yah Fu "the Pen Bender" & Robert Kindrick
earned 2 points today toward the 2015 Lafayette Slam Team Finals for participating in our Open Mic 3/15/2014

Our new point standings as off 3/15/2014

1. Author Shaquana Jackson         10 Points
2. Robert Kindrick                           9 points
3. Rebecca "Gypsy" Doucet             7 points
4. Yah Fu "the Pen Bender"            5 points
T5. Dena "the Wordsmith"             2 points
T5. LJ Lowery                                2 points
T5. Carl "Candor" Anderson           2 points
8. Regina Hellfire                           1 point

The next time a poet can earn 2 points is 3/29/2014
At our Open Mic Showcase
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