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General Discussion / Re: Poetry Slam Opening Speech Needed
« on: October 07, 2016, 11:07:38 AM »
The one above is still the old one, as we've opted for a gender-neutral Spiel.
Please see where all the most updated forms are in slam master files:,10121.0.html

If your slam manager doesn't have access, have them contact Suzi

General Discussion / Re: NUPIC 2015.....
« on: May 29, 2015, 01:43:04 PM »
YES! :-*

Slam Selection Processes / Re: Art Amok! Atlanta Slam
« on: April 20, 2015, 10:54:53 AM »
WOW! We seriously needed an update, although our structure remains relatively the same.

We hold slams twice a month from September-June on 2nd and 4th Fridays.
November and December, we usually hold only the 2nd Friday because of holidays.
Our evening typically features and all-artist (musicians) welcome open mic, a feature, and a two round slam wherein standard PSI rules are applied with regard to time, no props, etc.

We employ a point system for slam participation and attendance. If a poet wins a slam with 5 participants, that's 5 points, second place 4, third place 3, etc.Hosting is also a point.
When poets reach 20 points, they've earned a right to Slam Off for the team. Sometimes this happens earlier in the season. Some seasons are thicker with regular attending poets than others or with late, spring attendees. We typically hold a last chance slam toward the end of the season to accommodate them.We have also had seasons with the same eight or so regulars who slam and open mic with only a few poets who have shown up a few times and we carry them forward. We typically cap the slam at 12. 
Our Slam Off is 3 rounds, each round drawn randomly.If we have a slam off of 12, we cut 2 after the first and second round, otherwise, we don't make cuts.
If the winner of the slam off is available, that poet is our Individual World Poetry Slam rep. When that poet is not available, we slam off among poets who have already slammed at Art Amok toward team qualification.
We also slam off for our Women of the World Poetry Slam. It's a 4 round slam of 1-2-3-4 minute poems.To qualify, a poet must have slammed toward team qualification earlier in the season.

Currently, this is our venue and our show time is 8-11 pm, $5 or pay what you can for students

In Tune Studio
753 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315
(404) 889-0383

I know some proxies want to see the agenda before the meeting. Maybe we could cross post it to the FB site or in the general area?

General Discussion / Re: Vancouver poet Zaccheus Jackson, RIP :(
« on: August 28, 2014, 10:59:19 AM »
My heart is heavy with this news. Personally, we started around the same time & Van Slam poets were some of my first friends, his face one of them. Our greetings at every event were huge. As tall and big as his reach, I'm sure he made a difference to a bunch of young writers and his span will continue.

Please keep us posted on anything in his name or anything we can do to support y'all or his family.
Condolences from me & my team,
Love & prayers.

Bumping this up again, as we still are bidless for 2015

General Discussion / Re: NPS 2014 MCs and Bout Managers!
« on: June 09, 2014, 10:54:24 AM »
I'd be happy to be the EC member who observes scoring committee.

General Discussion / Re: Teams needing a win and you're In?
« on: February 27, 2014, 05:12:15 PM »
I am still rallying the poets to come up for it.

General Discussion / Re: QUESTION: Free Speech vs An Audience Rights
« on: September 25, 2013, 11:32:55 AM »
Again, the question is not about Offending the Audience.

The question specifically I would like addressed is whether venues, slammasters, poets, are encouraging the censoring of certain words or ideas.

The sense we got in Boston was that yes, the stuff said in our poems would not have been allowed in certain venues- slam venues.  Was that hyperbole?  Is this really happening?

Is there a Free Speech Code of Conduct being pursued in this community?

I am truly blessed to be part of a diverse scene including older people, people of color,people with access issues/illnesses visible and not so visible, etc. e let everyone go on and on.We have heard poems from 6 year olds and featured poets who were over 90.All are welcome. Some mics around town are on-purpose kinda segregated so people can have their own spaces (religious/"clean" mics,women, queer, etc), but usually even there, all are welcome in the door.
We have a weekly mic in town, and I have to tell you, we get the most curious folks there.Sometimes, literally, a homeless person walking up from the sidewalk (the stage faces half outdoor patio) who just wants to share a moment.At least a couple of times a month, (and last week included), there's someone who just goes off the gross tip or we all have looks of "where is this going?"---someone off the rails.
My favorite was a guy called the Mysterious Poet and I loved him for how "bad" he was---he basically used the open mic as a vehicle to roll around on the ground and yell and scream.
This is the environment Atlanta poets come from. We embrace the weird, we really do. Keeps things unpredictable & lively. However, most of the regulars make no bones about whether or not they liked something or found it offensive or problematic, sometimes during the piece. We like to keep it real. We try to create rooms where you can say any damn thing you please no matter if you are novice-never-before-read-out-loud to I have-been-doing-this-since-before-your-mama-was-born. Very few times have we thrown people out or yanked them off-stage, and usually, it's because they're going on for more than ten minutes on a drunken verbal rampage, or they're yelling and being disruptive while people are onstage.
I think this is what most scenes strive for and what I've seen from traveling around the country.

General Discussion / Re: QUESTION: Free Speech vs An Audience Rights
« on: September 24, 2013, 11:00:28 AM »
The problem was  that for the first time ever, we were told "Do Not Read Those Poems Again- Bad!"

I guess I'm just seeing that as an extension of audience reaction.


Also, as artists, we should be open to revision and suggestions for revision as well as criticism. I will defend anyone's right to free speech. However, if it's offensive,it's my right to free speech as a fellow audience member and poet to register suggestions or how the poem may have been a good idea poorly executed.By engaging in this form, we have a rare opportunity, too, to engage with people all across a spectrum of experiences from which to draw inspiration and feedback.

Part of the reason why we do this is for immediate reaction and audience response. If you want the random judge's opinion, what did they have to say? Did it reflect what conversations happened or not? Ultimately, it's anyone's right to listen to their peers or not as well. With slam, if you don't want to, there are judges who also create a base line. Also, how did the non-poets respond or react? (I know for one of the poems, a bunch of college students unaffiliated with slam, walked out).

Some other people who have pretty long memories on this stuff are Big Poppa E, Billy Tuggle, Theresa Davis & Jerri, if you haven't asked them already ;)

General Discussion / Re: Help a poet out! (How to go about...)
« on: May 13, 2013, 04:28:01 PM »
My advice for poets just starting to reach out or want to travel is to put yourself in front of as many different kinds of audiences as possible; libraries, churches, youth groups,loud bars,parks and mixed open mics. I'm guessing you are already doing this a bit because you've been around since '07 & took the brave step to go to the Mill and compete!
Writing in community also helps. If there is someone near you with some experience who writes or hosts, meet with them, ask for crit, take notes & listen to what they say. Anyone who has been doing it for a minute can tell you what they like to see when they're booking as well as flags that inspire turning away potential features. When you're asking about features, do it well in advance. Lots of venues have booking seasons & 4-6 months out is a good yardstick. Try to check out the websites of venues you want to hit or their Facebook pages.Ask a lot of questions.
Going to Rustbelt is a great idea! There will be workshops, people to network with, poems to listen & learn from & lots of people to talk to!
Before you hit the road for something long, do some weekend shorter trips, so you can note the things you didn't need when you packed & the things you found yourself needing.
Be aware that a lot of places can only give a cut of the door & that  a lot of slams and mics have to pay something to their venue first. Talk about this before your book. If you are offering to do a workshop, make sure that gets a separate fee or pass the hat from the venue/feature. Have some emergency funds & food, any meds you have taken care of loaded before you go. Try to book with familiar faces or friends who can support you at different places or times on the map to combat isolation & pick up some TLC.
Most poets are lucky if they break even, especially if they're new.Don't take it personally. The longer you drive at it, the more you learn.Nobody knows you from Adam unless you come through a few times.Figure out what works best for you. The road isn't for everyone, so you can work it to suit you instead of the other way around once you know your own rhythm.
I hope I see you at a big tent event!

General Discussion / Re: If anyone needs a Room mate for WOWPS
« on: February 26, 2013, 12:33:31 PM »

If you know someone who needs a roommate let me know.  Denise From Philly may have some room.

Just connected you to 2 on FB

General Discussion / Re: New Executive Director reporting for duty
« on: February 24, 2013, 02:05:20 PM »
This is a very exciting time with a lot of work on the table.
I really look forward to discussions and brainstorms with you.
See you at WOWPS!

General Discussion / Re: Looking For Space at the WoWps Host Hotel
« on: February 20, 2013, 11:13:42 AM »
I know at least 3 people looking for rooms. b/c me

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