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General Discussion / NPS 2013: Official Update Thread
« on: March 04, 2013, 03:29:35 AM »
Folks, this is the thread where you can check in for updates for the 2013 National Poetry Slam. Whenever I've got quick news, I'll try to post it here first. However, you can always catch this same info even faster at, or at any of the ways to reach us listed in this thread:,8706.msg88767.html

Simone Beaubien
Host City Director, NPS 2013

Anyway, here is the awesome news you have all been asking for: we are excited to announce the official dates for NPS 2013! National Poetry Slam teams will be traveling to Boston for:

Tuesday, August 13 through Saturday, August 17

I personally recommend planning your arrival for Monday, August 12 so you can register at your leisure and enjoy our opening night festivities.

We do realize that these dates are a little later than NPS typically occurs; some folks will be glad to hear that we start up the week after Brave New Voices, while others might be disappointed that the show starts so close to the school year. Although we did our best to consider both these concerns, our decision was ultimately made by when we were able to secure a Finals venue. (That's our next cool announcement, by the way.)

Feel free to spread the word! Thanks to everyone for patiently waiting for these to be announced.

General Discussion / NPS 2013: Getting in touch
« on: February 26, 2013, 08:04:28 PM »
Hello, poets!

I'm writing to you from beautiful sunny (well, today) Boston, Massachusetts, the site of the 2013 National Poetry Slam. We're looking forward to hosting everyone here in August! WOWPS will be here before you know it, which means that it's almost time to start thinking about NPS. I know that some of your venues have already begun the final selection process for your National Poetry Slam teams, so I want to offer some information about reaching us at NPS 2013.

First: OUR WEBSITE. If you've been to NPS before, you know that the NPS website tends to change addresses from year to year, and can sometimes be tricky to find. Here's some good news: with help from the EC and Erik Daniel, it'll now always be easy to find the NPS website you are looking for... It's just the year dot poetryslam dot com! (So, for instance, if you want this year's website, you can go to To see our archived website from 2011, you can go to The even cooler news: ALL FUTURE NPS WILL NOW START AT THE SAME WEBSITE. So for the most current information ALWAYS, including for 2013, you just go here to get started:

Easy, right? Our site for 2013 has actually been up since last July, but we are adding new content week by week. The biggest updates come from our Social Media Lead, Cassandra de Alba, who will be blogging about how the tournament is progressing. Just click on Blog from the menu to see what's up.

Next: OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. To match our new website address, we've acquired a Facebook page that will host all future NPS events, too! So that means that even if you aren't sure if you are coming to Boston this year, you can Like our page to make sure you get all the updates for 2014, 2015, and beyond, since we'll be turning it over to Poetry Slam, Inc. once NPS 2013 is done. Our Facebook address is exactly what you'd think it'd be:

Please share the page with your friends, friends of friends, relatives, pets with Facebook pages, and whomever else you think should know about poetry slam. Also, feel free to tag your old photos to associate them with this page! The more followers and content we get, the better work we can do promoting the event to venues, hotels, and the press.

While we're on the subject of sharing, we know that some of you like to use TUMBLR to do that. Okay, so here's our tumblr page, which we'd love to have you hook up with. I admit that it's a re-packaging of our Boston Poetry Slam tumblr, so it's got a bit of a regional slant, but we try hard to reach out to post poetry, videos, and ideas from all over:

And if that's too long-form for you, there's always TWITTER! Our Twitter account actually stays the same from year to year, although our hashtag changes. Don't be shy about tweeting your excitement about your trip to NPS, your slam team, or your plans to hang with us either live or virtually:

Follow: @nationalslam
Hashtag: #NPS2013

Well, dang. That's a heck of a lot of ways to reach NPS 2013, right? Still, those just might not be personal enough for you... So maybe you want OUR EMAIL ADDRESSES. If you have general questions about NPS, you can always reach out to us at However, if you have a specific question, suggestion, or concern for one of our departments, like Press, Development, Day Events, or Volunteers (to name a few), you might want to check out the contact information for our top-level staff:

OKAY OKAY. One last thing... I know you have lots of questions to ask about NPS. Chances are good that the information you are looking for is on our website (, remember). If you have a burning question about dates, age limits, or how to compete, you might want to check our FAQ before going anywhere else. Yes, these are the most updated answers, so you can expect them to change as more questions are asked and news is confirmed:

Got our digits? Cool. Feel fee to write 'em on every bathroom mirror from here to Mexico City (hi, Mexico City!). Looking forward to a great August with everyone.

Simone Beaubien
Host City Director, NPS 2013
Boston, Cambridge, Somerville

General Discussion / NPS 2011: Poets to be remembered
« on: July 19, 2011, 10:35:26 AM »
Hello, Slam Family:

I am writing to you all with a request for help at the 2011 National Poetry Slam: it's a small request that I think will be important to many people. The community voted to include a Moment of Silence on the NPS Finals stage every year to memorialize the poets who have come before us, and especially those we may have lost recently.

I am trying to create the very sad list of poets and community members whom we have lost this year. So far, I can think of Sheila Siobhan and Will Da Real One Bell, but I am distressingly certain that I am missing others. I do know that Chicago also lost a community member this year, but I am unable to find the thread here in the forums.

If you can recall the name of a slam family member whom we lost this year who had national impact --meaning that their name and/or deeds would be appropriate for the community to recall at a national event-- I would like to hear about it. I admit that we will not have time to memorialize any of these people in the way they deserve, but we would at least like to make sure we speak their names on the Finals stage and take a moment to reflect.

You may reply here, or email me directly at Hope everyone is staying safe and well.

Simone Beaubien
Host City Director
National Poetry Slam 2011

General Discussion / NPS 2011 hotel: still need a room?
« on: July 02, 2011, 09:22:11 PM »
Hey, folks:

It has come to my attention that some of the nights at our host hotel for NPS 2011, Le Meridien Cambridge-MIT, have already been sold out at our discounted rate. That means that some people are being told that the hotel is booked, while others have been told that it is not booked, but they must book it at the much more inflated regular rate.

Henry is working to secure an overflow hotel, but it will help us to know how many poets and teams are still in need. Please post here (or email if you are still interested in booking a room at the same block rate in another nearby hotel.

Simone Beaubien
Host City Director
National Poetry Slam 2011

General Discussion / looking for the 2009 NPS commercial
« on: February 18, 2011, 05:42:07 PM »
Hey, does anyone here happen to have access to the NPS commercial from 2009? It was a 60-second clip featuring Anis Mojgani that was originally produced by Mike Henry. We'd like to revive it to help promote NPS 2011.

Mike's a busy guy and not able to help us much right now, but I'm wondering if anyone else has access to this video. Even the low-res version has been removed from YouTube.


General Discussion / The Big Read: anyone involved?
« on: December 14, 2008, 09:24:20 AM »
Hey, poetry poeple! A local organization just offered the Boston Poetry Slam a chance to get involved with The Big Read, a big literary push to get folks to (you may have guessed) read more. Their mission statement is as follows:

The Big Read is an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts, designed to restore reading to the center of American culture. The NEA presents The Big Read in partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services and in cooperation with Arts Midwest. The Big Read brings together partners across the country to encourage reading for pleasure and enlightenment. (from )

They are hoping we will run a poetry event as part of the Boston program, which sounds like good fun and good publicity for us. Our communities' selected book is Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God.

My question to you guys: has anyone else been involved in this program before? Or does anyone know anything about it? I'd love to hear what experiences people might have had with last year's initiative. I'd also be open to hearing anyone's ideas for how to create a poetry slam related to Hurston's novel.

General Discussion / Your Madison NPS Top Ten?
« on: August 13, 2008, 02:59:02 PM »
One of my favorite parts about the post-NPS comedown is hearing everyone's top ten from the week. I love finding out who saw what I saw, who was moved by what I was moved by, what I missed because I went to bed too early / didn't get up early enough, or who I should be inviting to my venue based on performances I didn't get to see.

Who's got a list to share? Here are my favorites from this year, in no particular order...

1. The city of Madison. I mean no disrespect to Austin, ABQ, Seattle, or any of the other fine cities I've attended shows in, but, boy, did I enjoy Madison. The food was cheap, the streets were safe, the beer was flavorful, and the weather was so fine I forgot what it would be like coming back to New England. Damn.

2. Your President's call for Republican poets on Tuesday night. Where, indeed, are your Republican poets at, Scott? Oh god.

3. The Nerd Slam, in particular, Austin's Black Nerds poem. You guys might have seen this in the Tuesday night tiebreaker, where I missed it, but that poem was made for the Nerd Slam. I think it went five minutes because we were all screaming so loud. WOW.

4. Teabagging the baby Jesus. Seventeen syllables of did-that-seriously-just-happen?!

5. Boise's Ass-Smackers on Wednesday night, possibly the rightest wrongest thing I saw all week. "I can't beatbox, but I can do THIS...".

6. Ian's pizzeria. Good pizza, good folks, and a great place to gossip post-bout.

7. The Detroit / Charlotte / Nuyo bout with Eureka on Thursday night. It was hotness on fire. Chances are you missed it, because I didn't see many folks there... It was a remarkable show. Dee's persona piece was otherworldly. Akua, Maze, and Versiz were all incredible. Phenom was robbed. Ocean's piece was robbed. I yelled so hard I lost my voice. Etc.

8. Lincoln Andrew Ek's (that's his name, right?) Fire Marshall poem in semis. After all the times you've seen sign language used in a poem... This was the most simple, moving performance of a poem I saw all week, and it just happened to be performed in two languages at once. Beautiful.

9. Boston making Finals. I am permitting myself one self-referential bullet point here. I was there in 2000, okay? If you know, you know.

10. St. Paul's Khary singing in the bar after Finals. He does a mean Louis Armstrong, no joke. It was a wonder to hear.

That's it for me. What have you guys got?

General Discussion / CafePress? Lulu? Zazzle?
« on: April 28, 2008, 02:46:50 PM »
Hey, guys:

I'm looking to put together a calendar as a fundraiser for the venue this year, and I'm investigating a few online services to create it.

It looks like my likely options are CafePress, Lulu, and Zazzle. Anyone made use of any of these?

I'd love to hear thoughts and experiences...


Slam Selection Processes / Boston Poetry Slam @ the Cantab Lounge
« on: September 12, 2007, 01:02:11 PM »
Boston Poetry Slam @ the Cantab Lounge
every Wednesday at 8:00
downstairs at the Cantab Lounge
738 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139

The Boston Poetry Slam’s National Poetry Slam team selection schedule runs from approximately May through December with selection beginning in January. Poets who have won a single open poetry slam OR held the Champion of Champions title at any time during the qualification period are invited to compete in night one of the Team Selection Slams (Preliminaries); qualified poets will be listed on the venue website and, whenever possible, contacted by the SlamMaster by email. Poets must have seven unique poems (not counting one tie-breaker, if necessary) to make the team, including one poem that has never before been performed at the open mic or slam at the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge.

Preliminaries for the Team Selection Slam will be split into two separate nights. Poets may select their preferred competition night via Yankee Swap. Top-scoring poets from each Prelim will advance to Semi-Finals, with seeding for the first round of Semi-Finals based first on finish in the Prelims and second on Yankee Swap points gathered during the season. Top-scoring poets from Semis move on to Finals. At the end of the Finals, the top five scoring poets comprise the team that will represent the Boston Poetry Slam @ the Cantab Lounge at the next National Poetry Slam.

What follow are the official rules for the Cantab Team Selection Slams. The number of rounds and advancing poets are subject to change, depending on National Poetry Slam team size and competitor attendance at the semi-finals. Be advised that the most current version of the rules will always be available at the official website:

Cantab Team Selection Slam Rules (all three nights)

    * Only qualified poets listed on the website may slam.
    * Poets who wish to slam will check in to draw no later than 9:00 P.M.
    * Poets will have to pay the cover charge.
    * Competing poets may not read in or host any portion of the open mic or slam.
    * Competing poets may not work the door, wait tables, or bartend.
    * Five judges (or teams of judges) will be selected from the audience by the slam host and bout manager. Up to two of these judges may be Cantab "regulars" as per the discretion of the slam host and bout manager. All judges will be encouraged to choose poetry over performance.
    * There will always be at least one warm-up poet before the slam. Whether or not there is a break and/or sorbet poet between rounds of the slam will be left to the discretion of the host and bout manager.
    * There will be no elimination between rounds.
    * Scores are not cumulative between nights; each night is clean slate.
    * During the course of the three-night series, competitors must present at least one poem that has never before been performed at the open mic or slam at the Boston Poetry Slam @ the Cantab Lounge. This “new” poem may be performed in any round at any time; there is no upper limit on new poems performed. Poets failing to meet this requirement by the end of the seventh round will be disqualified. Final ruling on what constitutes a “new” poem will come from the SlamMaster (unless the SM is in the slam, in which case it will come from the bout manager). To discourage confusion, poets are encouraged to self-report their “new” poem to the scorekeeper or bout manager immediately after performing.
    * All NPS rules apply: original work, no props, no costumes, no music, 3:10 or less.

      Cantab Team Selection Preliminaries Rules and Format
          o All poets who have qualified to slam, even those who do not intend to attend NPS, are encouraged to slam.
          o  Assuming at least 16 qualified poets, competitors will select one of two preliminaries to slam in via Yankee Swap.
          o Before the slam begins, poets will draw a random order for both rounds. Poets who have guaranteed draws (i.e.: winners of the group slams) may apply them on this night only.
          o Poets may use any original poem in their repertoire, including poems used in previous open slams and poems used to qualify in previous years.
          o The top twelve cumulative scorers will advance to finals the following week. If there is a tie for the last spot to advance, all tied poets will advance.

      Cantab Team Selection Semi-Finals Rules and Format
          o Poets who are qualified to slam in the semi-finals but do not intend to commit to the Cantab Slam Team are encouraged (but not required) to drop out to permit the next poet back in the prelims to advance.
          o The order of the first round will be based on the cumulative finish from preliminaries (lowest finisher first, top poet last, ties broken by Yankee Swap standings). The order for the second round will be by random draw.
          o Poets may not use poems they used in the previous week's preliminaries.
          o The top nine cumulative scorers will advance to finals the following week. If there is a tie for the last spot to advance, all tied poets will advance.

      Cantab Team Selection Finals Rules and Format
          o Poets who slam in the finals are considered committed to the Cantab Slam Team. Poets who are not interested in attending NPS with the Cantab may not slam in finals.
          o Poets may not use poems they used in the previous weeks' preliminaries or semi-final.
          o The order of the first round will be based on the cumulative finish from semi-finals (lowest finisher first, top poet last). The order for the second and third rounds will be by random draw.
          o The top five scorers (cumulative over all three rounds) comprise the Cantab Slam Team.
          o If there is a tie for the fifth slot, all tied poets will return to the stage for one more round. The order will be the same as the last round. Standard NPS tie-breaker rules will be used (each judge will indicate a preference, not a score).

The following is expected of poets who qualify for the Cantab Slam Team:

    * Attendance at the National Poetry Slam of that calendar year, assuming the Boston Poetry Slam @ the Cantab Lounge is qualified to attend.
    * Financial responsibility for travel and stay at NPS (beyond whatever the team and venue are able to raise), assuming attendance.
    * Open mic attendance at the Cantab 2-4 times per month.
    * Practice with the team at least 2-4 times per month.
    * Respect and support of teammates, coach, and home venue.

If a team member is unable to fulfill these responsibilities, or the poet declares a desire to depart the team and/or slam for another team, the poet will no longer be considered a member of the Cantab Slam Team for the purposes of PSi.

If a team member departs, but the team is still at the minimum size for NPS competition, the remaining team members will decide if they wish to replace the team member, with final discretion falling to the SlamMaster. If the departure of one or more team members causes the team to be under the minimum size for NPS competition, the team member(s) will automatically be replaced until the team reaches minimum size.

In all cases, the replacement hierarchy for a team member is as follows:

   1. The next available top scorer(s) in the final rounds of the Cantab Team Selection Finals.
   2. The current Champion of Champions of the 8x8 series.
   3. The top scorer(s) in an open poetry slam held exclusively for the purpose of choosing a new team member (or members), if time and venue constraints allow.
   4. The next available top scorer(s) in the Cantab Team Selection Semi-Finals.
   5. The next available top scorer(s) in the Cantab Team Selection Preliminaries.
   6. The next available least recent winner(s) of the open poetry slam since the Cantab Team Selection Slams.
   7. Open vote among all interested parties, wherein said parties may not vote for themselves. Ties will be broken by the vote of the SlamMaster.

Poets are invited to contact the SlamMaster directly by email ( with any questions or concerns.

General Discussion / web hosting suggestions?
« on: April 14, 2007, 07:49:36 AM »
Hey, guys:

I'm in the market for a new host for (it's currently hosted by friends who are cutting back on their hardware). I don't need much: the site is small and there's no streaming anything on it. The only real requirement I have is that I get unlimited emails@slamnews.

Who hosts your personal or venue site? Suggestions? Anyone to avoid?


General Discussion / photos from IWPS 2007
« on: April 09, 2007, 09:33:32 AM »
Hello, folks:

As some of you may recall, my dad (Rich Beaubien) was at the Individual World Poetry Slam this year, celebrating his birthday and taking photos of many of you. He had a fantastic time and asked me to send his love to all of you.

Lots of folks have asked where the photos he took can be viewed. So far, he's only got a small batch up, just from the draw, but he hopes to add the photos from prelis and finals over the next a couple of weeks. Here's the link to his site:

Folks interested in prints or high-res copies for press purposes can contact me and I'll put you in touch with Dad.


Cambridge’s Two Poetry Slams Welcome SlamPapi Marc Smith for National Poetry Month

Cambridge, Mass., – Every poetry slam, from Portland to Paris, starts the same way: “The poetry slam was invented in the 1980s by a Chicago construction worker named Marc Smith…”. Now, Marc Smith, the slam’s much touted, much so-whatted SlamPapi, will hit up Cambridge on his tour of the east coast.

On Thursday, April 12, Marc Smith will perform in the newly restored theater of the Central Square YMCA. Marc Smith, founding voice of the poetry slam movement, experienced showman, and leader of Chicago’s long-running SpeakEasy poetry group, will headline this special event. Marc’s work will be backed by the improv jazz stylings of the Jeff Robinson Trio.

In addition, the event will showcase local poetry slam superstars Iyeoka Okoawo and Adam Stone, as well as Worcester’s own Duende, a poetry/music duo composed of long-time slammer Tony Brown and bassist Faro.

This special show, a cooperative effort between the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge and the Lizard-Lounge based Poetry Jam Collective, will benefit the area’s two poetry slam teams; both venues will send a slam team to the 2007 National Poetry Slam in Austin, Texas.  

Doors for the show open at 7:00. The showcase poets will begin at 8:00 and Marc Smith will follow. Tickets for this all-ages show are $12 at the door. Advance tickets for $10 may be purchased at the Sunday night Lizard Lounge Poetry Jam, 1667 Mass Ave. or at the Wednesday night Boston Poetry Slam at 738 Mass Ave.

The Boston Poetry Slam at The Cantab Lounge
every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.
738 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Mass.

The Lizard Lounge Poetry Jam downstairs at the Cambridge Common
every Sunday at 8:00 p.m.
1667 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Mass.

General Discussion / big Boston poetry show: Saturday, December 2
« on: November 24, 2006, 09:11:05 PM »
Hey, folks:

If you live in New England, or know somebody who does, you're probably interested in the big show we're having next Saturday. Please come check it out if you're in the area.




Boston Poetry Slam Announces Individual World Qualifier
November 24, 2006

Cambridge, Mass. – There’s just a week left to get your tickets for the Boston Poetry Slam World Qualifier! On Saturday, December 2, starting at 8:00 p.m., an all-star showcase will warm up the stage for a high-stakes ten-person poetry slam.

The top ten poets from this year’s Boston Poetry Slam season will duke it out at our World Qualifier at the Middle East in a four-round elimination extravaganza. Only one poet will be crowned champion and awarded the slam’s coveted spot to perform at the Individual World Poetry Slam in Vancouver, B.C.

As if the poetry slam weren’t enough, the opening act for the show will consist of some of the finest performance poets the Boston scene has to offer. Regie Gibson, the1998 National Individual Poetry Slam Champion, will headline. His supporting cast will include Jacob Knight Award for Poetry winner Sou MacMillan, HBO Def Poet Caroline Harvey, and local musical front man and outstanding performer Jme.

The night will end with dancing to old soul and rock and roll, DJed by Greggy Most and Dan E. Pants. Don’t miss Cambridge’s biggest poetry event to date!

Doors for the show open at 7:00. The all-star poetry showcase begins at 8:00 and the poetry slam follows at 9:00. The show is 18+ and tickets are $12, available at the Middle East box office or via Ticketmaster.

The Boston Poetry Slam at The Cantab Lounge
738 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Mass.

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