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Slam Selection Processes / 11th Hr Slam Team Fielding Process
« on: March 31, 2010, 11:13:59 PM »
Each month, up to 12 poets can sign up for participation in the monthly slam.

Two rounds.  Top 3 winners earn points toward Semi-Finals (in April/May, depending on schedule).

Semi-Finals: Three rounds.  Field gets cut by 1/3 depending on number of semi-finalists after first round. Second round determines order for 3rd round. 3rd round determines top 8 and order for 1st round of finals.


This will be a three-round slam!

1st round is in order of overall ranking by end of season from low to high. 1st round will be elimination (we will be cutting two poets after the 1st round). The remainder of the slam will be non-elimination and low to high based on previous round score.

2nd round will be in order low to high, based on first round scores after we cut 2 from the original nine.  3rd round will not be elimination, but will be ordered low to high based on previous round score.  The top 4 poets at the end of the night will compose the team for the season heading to NPS.

General Discussion / OFFICIAL CALL FOR BIDS FOR NPS 2012
« on: October 25, 2009, 02:24:40 PM »
Hello fellow PSi family and supporters!

We are putting out an official call for Bids for NPS 2012 so that we may send vetting forms to all potential candidates for consideration to be presented to SlamMasters at the Spring 2010 SM Conference in March of 2010 (held at WOWps).

If you are interested in being considered for NPS 2012, please send an email to by Monday, November 9, 2009 at close of business (5pm, Eastern Standard Time).

Good luck and we hope to hear from you!!

First the challenge:

The follow up:

The comments are where you'll find the ... poet-tray...and several laughs/giggles and people who are fans of Basho.

General Discussion / NEW SLAM BABY: Clementine McQueen Rakovan!!!
« on: November 15, 2007, 07:43:35 AM »
Good morning everyone!

I am pleased to announce that Clementine McQueen Rakovan was born sometime last night (so this could mean 11/14 or the we hours of 11/15 - WHAT!!??!!)!!

She punched out at 8 lbs, 10 oz and looks like a chubby-cheeked eskimo (per mom).

Mom and baby are doing stellar!

Congratulations to Rachel McKibbens and family!

General Discussion / You down with OPP? Gimme your poems, suckas!
« on: October 25, 2007, 05:53:06 PM »
Sup fam.

I am making a hard effort to not read my poems on open mics anymore; not until I have new work to read. So instead, if I don't have someone to cover, I'm not reading on an open mic...well except for DC Slam, because I host and should probably open with something other than me saying hi.


Last week, I read Joanna's latest poem "Barcode" and folks really dug it (like really dug it). So give me a poem you wouldn't mind me reading. I can't promise that I won't butcher it, but I can promise that at some open mic, it will be read.

Don't give me a 3 minute poem that only contains the word "fuck" in it; I won't read it. Don't give me shit you wouldn't even read to your worst enemy...unless it involves 2 girls and a cup (sorry...bad joke - for those of you who have no idea where the reference comes had to be there).

Don't give me stuff that I already have in books; most likely I've read it somewhere or it's already been heard by the same group of people. If you're not sure I have the book, ask.

Give me new shit (I love reading new shit). Give me your favorite shit. I just wanna read and share in your words. Can't think of one of your own? Send me someone else's you think the world would love!

If this is something that interests you, shoot me an email (with the poem attached in either a pdf, word doc, txt file or just cut and pasted into the email itself) at delrica at livejournal dot com.



General Discussion / Can we speak frankly for a sec?
« on: October 22, 2007, 12:56:11 PM »
Can we speak frankly for a minute?

I've been trying to figure this out for a minute and I simply don't get it...

Why do poets (self proclaimed or otherwise) intentionally misspell common words like in the following sentence (constructed for this exercise so as to not use a real example):

eye instead of i/no instead of know/write instead of right/etc. (as in "eye no this isn't the write way to right this sentence but their is good reason")?

Is it a basic level of comprehension of English grammar and spelling or are we, as writers, becoming lethargic in our use of the English language?
Is it intentional or no?
Is it a way to display creativity within our work?

I'm just curious.

If this ruffles feathers, I apologize. But I need to understand; really I do.

General Discussion / 2nd Life
« on: October 21, 2007, 05:44:01 PM »
anyone here on

can you tell me about it?

General Discussion / NEW SLAM BABY: Welcome Teagan Miguel Solis!!!
« on: September 20, 2007, 09:27:33 PM »
From the Poetry_Slam yahoogroup:

<i>Teagan Miguel Solis was born at 8:12 a.m., Monday September 17th, 2007
in Albuquerque , NM. to proud parents Andria and Danny Solis.
He weighed in at 9lbs, 10 oz.
He is 22 inches long.

i am tired, and I have to go.
Love peace and baby poetry grease- danny Solis</i>

General Discussion / Call for Submissions: Beth's Legacy
« on: September 05, 2007, 11:34:33 AM »
Please help spread the word on this, people. Feel free to forward it to any poet mailing lists that you frequent. is seeking submissions for a chapbook length book of poetry about violence, survival and hope. The book, Beth's Legacy, will be published in memory of Elizabeth Spence Cann of Norton, MA, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, and all proceeds will benefit Brittney and Danielle Cann, her daughters, who were critically injured in the attack that killed their mother.

Beth's Legacy

On the morning of August 27, 2007, Elizabeth Spence Cann was found shot to death in her own bed. Two of her daughters, 12 year old Brittney and 15 year old Danielle, were found on the floor of the hallway leading into her room. Both girls had been shot in the head and left for dead. The shooter, Beth's estranged boyfriend, took his own life early that morning.

By some miracle, both Danielle and Brittney survived the senseless attack, but both face a long, long road to recovery. A third daughter, their oldest sister Amanda, was not home at the time. She faces a future of questions and grief.

The girls are a part of Gotpoetry's extended family. Beth was the niece of Gotpoetry staffer Deb Powers, and deeply loved cousin of regular member and contributor Cara Powers (crlpr11). In the week that followed the shooting, the Gotpoetry community reacted to the news with an outpouring of sympathy, love and support for which the family is extremely grateful. Many also privately asked if there was something more, something tangible, that they could do to show their support for the family and the injured girls. There is.

Gotpoetry is seeking submissions of poetry for a chapbook length anthology to be called "Beth's Legacy". We're especially seeking poems that speak to surviving loss, recovering from violence and ending domestic abuse. There is no restriction on form or length. All styles of poetry are welcome, though poems of less than 60 lines will be more likely to be accepted.

The selection committee for Beth's Legacy will include the staff of Gotpoetry and representatives of Beth Cann's family. The finished book will be available for purchase through Gotpoetry and a variety of other outlets, with all proceeds from the sale contributed to the Cann Family Hope Fund set up for the support and aid of Brittney and Danielle by Beth's church in Norton, MA.

Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2007.
Submit up to three poems for consideration in the body of an email to : by September 30.

Please submit only original poetry to which you hold the copyright.
Because the book is a fund raiser, we can not pay for the poems accepted, but we will make the book available for download to any poet whose work appears in Beth's Legacy. Your submission to Beth's Legacy grants to us one-time print publication rights to your submitted work. You retain all other rights to your work.

If you would like to make a donation directly to the fund, you can do that by sending your donation to:

Danielle and Brittany Cann Hope Fund
Bank of America
574 Foundry Street
South Easton, MA 02375

We'll also take all the prayers, wishes and good thoughts that you can spare. The girls will need all that they can get. Thank you.

General Discussion / Seeking Contact Info - Poets...
« on: August 30, 2007, 10:13:19 AM »
I need emails for the following poets:

Dan Vaughn
Rocky (was on the Corpus Christi team in 2005)
Jaylee Aide
Aaron Cuffee

If ya'll could shoot me a PM or email slammaster at slamicide dot com with their contact info, I'd greatly appreciate it.

General Discussion / The New SlamMaster Orientation Packet Project
« on: August 13, 2007, 04:46:37 PM »
Peace, fellow members and SlamMasters.

As a follow up to the SlamMaster meeting that we all attended on Friday morning, I wanted to open up a thread to field questions that we can include in the new SlamMaster Packet I'm putting together.

So far, Tom Sanchez Prunier, Kirk Hardesty and Charles Ellik have signed on to help out with constructing something outside of the NPS rulebook to help orient SlamMasters.

What we need from you is questions. If you are a new slammaster (ie. just opened your slam this past season before attending NPS) or are a slammaster seeking answers to questions, please feel free to add them here, send me a private message message (use the IM bubble in this post under my profile pic) or shoot an email to and we'll do our best to add it to the new SM guide.

I don't know how long this project is going to take or if it will even be approved by the body (SMs, PSI, EC...whoever...) or if it even needs approval to put out, but I want to start the ball rolling on getting ideas out as to what questions to ask.

Even if you think it's a dumb question, ask it. You'd be surprised how many other SlamMasters may have the same question (or already have had to ask the same question).

Also, older SlamMasters: if you can think of questions you wish you had known the answer to when you first started out, put them down to.

We need to start practicing what we preach and pull the next person up with us instead of making them feel small for not knowing.

Let's do it ya'll...for real.

General Discussion / Sad News from DC
« on: August 13, 2007, 01:32:26 PM »
Scott Kirkpatrick, member of the 2000 DC Slam Team, passed away on Saturday, August 11, 2007 while stationed in Iraq. The details are sketchy, but it was confirmed that he was killed there.

You may have heard one of his more known poems, "Battle Hymn of the Republic", or other poems by him (not sure which ones).

I don't have contact info for his family, but as more details become available, I'll let those interested know (shoot me an email or note so I know).

His father's photography website has a page dedicated to Scott's time served in the military, found here:

There is a guestbook that people can sign, but I don't know if it's restricted to family or not.

He was also part of the SlamAmerica Bus Tour in 2000, along with poets like Denise Johnson, Big Poppa E and Danny Solis.

General Discussion / We Made the A-List
« on: August 13, 2007, 11:13:07 AM »

About 3 days of festivities for NPS were captured by

Check us out baby! We're some sexy so-and-sos!

General Discussion / Poet Sekou Sundiata Passes On
« on: July 19, 2007, 10:40:59 AM »
This just in from Broadside Press writer, Cool Crys:

Dear Fam,

We regret to inform that our dear Sekou has passed. Today, there are no words. It is a devastating loss for us and the poetry community but even more so for his family. Please keep them in your prayers.

An official statement from the family:

At 5:47 AM on Wednesday, July 18, 2007, my beloved Sekou Sundiata passed away.

On behalf of Sekou and his family, thank you all for your expressions of love and support and for your prayers. Cards can be sent to 296 Stuyvesant Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11221

Details regarding funeral arrangements and donations will be forthcoming.

Maurine (Kazi) Knighton

Be thankful that we knew him. He blessed us with his voice, his words told our stories, and his energy lit a room the moment he stepped into it. Be grateful. Celebrate his life and expect that we will see him again, one day.


Mildred, Steven, Gamal, Ninja

Click here to see a performance by Sekou Sundiata, a small glimpse of what he meant to the poetry community at large:

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