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General Discussion / Congratulations NPS 2012!
« on: August 12, 2012, 05:04:47 PM »
Congratulations to Inkera and the Charlotte crew for putting on NPS 2012.
No matter what you plan for, it's never an easy job, and we're not the easiest tribe to work with.

Thank you for carrying Slam's torch this year!

General Discussion / PSi Going Dark for WOWps
« on: February 29, 2012, 10:30:00 AM »
PSi's offices will be going dark in preparation for WOWps as of the end of business (6 PM EST) Friday, March 2.

This means staff will be on the road or helping prepare staff that will be on the road for WOWps, so if you have things to purchase, questions to ask, issues to resolve, or proxies to hand off for the SlamMaster meeting do them before the end of this Friday.

A crisis born of neglect on your part does not constitute on emergency on ours.
See you in Denver!

General Discussion / PSi Closed for Thanksgiving
« on: November 24, 2011, 01:04:27 PM »
...but open again for business on Friday.
Be well!

General Discussion / PSi will be dark this weekend
« on: October 28, 2011, 08:27:35 AM »

The Executive Council's annual retreat is this weekend. While we will accomplish a lot of work over the next few days, you should expect delays in correspondence, forum presence and service over the weekend. (It's a weekend anyway, so treat us like every other office that takes a weekend off for once: Business resumes Monday.)

See you on the other side,
Scott Woods
President, PSi

General Discussion / Statement of Apology: iWPS bags
« on: October 18, 2011, 10:02:21 AM »

Members of PSi and the Slam community,

While iWPS in Cleveland this past week was a great time, there was one unfortunate issue that bears noting officially. On the first day of registration an attendee brought and inserted a drug into some poet bags. The drug, while legal, was summarily removed from bags once the issue became known to the proper authorities. It is something that shouldn't have happened in the first place, drug or otherwise, and as the people responsible for the bags and what's in them, PSi and tournament staff apologize that this occurred. Please know that we have already taken steps to ensure that nothing like that happens again.

Again, we apologize profusely. This is another one of those situations that happens at every event that you don't think you need to make clear to people because it's common sense, yet you learn the hard way that you must.

The Executive Council

General Discussion / Thank you Cleveland iWPS 2011!
« on: October 17, 2011, 07:47:56 AM »
A BIG thanks to the folks in Cleveland for joining the ranks of people willing to step up to the plate and host one of these events. There is no version of this that does not involve the sweat of lots of people, and it is my fervent hope that you will receive twice as many thanks as you do anything else.

Also, congrats to our new champion Chris August!

Scott Woods
President, PSi

General Discussion / PSi Going Dark for NPS 2011
« on: August 06, 2011, 11:21:33 PM »
The PSi office and officers will be out of contact while we prepare individually for traveling to NPS 2011.
If you have a problem, bring it to NPS.
If you can't bring it to NPS it will likely have to wait until after NPS.

General Discussion / Scott Woods's 6th Annual 24-Hour Poetry Feature
« on: April 02, 2011, 06:38:15 AM »
Scott Woods's 6th Annual 24-hour poetry feature!
Today at 7:00pm until Tomorrow at 7:00pm

Kafe Kerouac
2250 N. High St.
Columbus, OH

24 hours....hundreds of poet!

This is the sixth year that Columbus, Ohio poet Scott Woods will ring in National Poetry Month by performing a 24-hour set of poems featuring original and covered work...none of which will have been performed at previous marathons!

It is a daring and educational journey through poetry, with hours dedicated to the work specific poets and styles. Work has ranged from the classical to the contemporary, with no less than three hours of original work by Scott himself every year.

The event will appear once again at Columbus's premiere home of poetry, Kafe Kerouac for the fifth straight year, who will stay open serving coffee, wine and beer for the entire run of the show. Also, it's a wifi venue, so you can come and relay to the world Scott's progress!

Stay tuned for scheduled hours closer to the date!

You can see the setlists from all the previous years here:

General Discussion / Your new PSi Executive Director
« on: December 23, 2010, 10:48:21 AM »

It is with great pleasure and pride that I am able to announce that the Executive Council has hired the new Executive Director for Poetry Slam, Inc.: Abigail Ehn!

Abigail brings years of PSi experience to the table from behind the scenes.  Literally raised on Slam, she has acted as a volunteer at PSi since her teens in capacities including registration, money handling and database management.  She brings a wealth of enthusiasm, knowledge and vision to the role.  She is only the second person to hold this position since PSi's inception, after the recently departed Steve Marsh. 

Steve shoes were big shoes to fill but she's already walking in them admirably.  Abigail has been working in the capacity of interim ED for the past few months while we transitioned Steve out of the position and installed new processes and staffing.  As PSI's most important day-to-day operative she has already shown herself to be more than equipped for the job.  The EC received a few awesome entries, and were honored to have been able to consider them.

Here's to our new Executive Director, a new era in Slam, and the continued resilience and evolution of the Slam family!

Scott Woods
President, PSi

General Discussion / JOB POSTING: Executive Director
« on: November 12, 2010, 08:38:50 AM »
PSi is now taking applicants for the following position: Executive Director.
Applicants should forward resumes or items of interest to Scott Woods, President, PSi at:

Deadline for applicants: Nov. 29, 2010



Responsible for managing all activities of the organization within the framework of established philosophy, objectives, and policies adopted by the Executive Council of Poetry Slam, Inc.  Has administrative oversight over all areas of Poetry Slam, Inc.

1.   Maintaining the 501.C.3 non-profit status; complying with all regulations and filing requirements.

2.   Acting as an advisor to the Executive Council to be sure they, the SlamFamily, and the SlamMasters fulfill all the requirements of the corporation by-laws.

3.   Monitoring accounting records of all business transactions and remains appraised of day-to-day financial status of the organization, directing Finance Manager in his/her duties and directing spending priorities.

4.   Making sure all PSI contract obligations are fulfilled.

5.   Managing and assisting the Executive Council in the venue certification process, implementing it, and maintaining accurate, up to date records of slams’ certification/registration statuses and PSI members. The creation and maintenance of an accurate and up to date membership database and other duties associated with maintaining membership records.

6.   Monitor development efforts and all other volunteer staff in the process of securing public and private funding of Poetry Slam Inc.

7.   Monitor the grant-back program.

8.   Maintaining an up-to-date file of all business correspondence.

9.   Supervising and ensuring the timely and accurate filing of Federal and State income tax forms.

10.   Monitor the conduct of business on the Online Store

11.   Supervising and managing the timely production and distribution of membership benefits.

12.   Supervising and managing all volunteer staffs and special projects assigned to the Subcontractor by the Contractor.

13.   Maintaining all required insurances and licenses for the business operations of the Contractor.

14.   Supervising and ensuring the proper operations of the SlamMasters and EC list serves.

15.   Supervising the operations of the PSI website and the volunteer and paid staff that maintains it.

16.   Supervising and managing the volunteer staffs of certain specific projects as may be assigned by the EC to Subcontractor.

17.   Providing membership certificates and licenses, the cost of which shall be billed to the Contractor separately and in addition to the Subcontractor’s hourly fee stated above.

18.   Providing and procuring all office supplies and materials required by Subcontractor to efficiently execute the duties and responsibilities stated herein. The cost of such office supplies, phone services and materials shall be billed to the Contractor separately and in addition to the Subcontractor’s salary contained in the original contract.

19.   The Contractor shall provide travel expenses to sponsored events for the Subcontractor. The Subcontractor will book travel to and from Contracted events using the corporate resources. Meals and other expenses for duties on site will be paid through corporate resources or reimbursement.

20.   Maintaining an accurate and up to date record of all members and registered and certified venues of Poetry Slam, Inc. both past and present.

21.   Maintain accurate records of participating teams and individuals for Registration for The National Poetry Slam, The Individual World Poetry Slam, and The Women of the World Poetry Slam.

22.   Monitor contract negotiations between the Event Coordinator and the Host City Chair as well as contract negotiations with hotels and venues in a city for a contracted event.

23.   Maintain an accurate and up to date record of all hotel rooms booked through Poetry Slam, Inc. for contracted events.

24.   Maintain an accurate and up to date record of all Executive Council member information for Executive Council internal use, tax filing and I.R.S purposes.

25.   Causing the membership database and the Certified and Registered Venues database to be uploaded in a timely manner to a secure page of for the internal use of PSI.
26.   Works with President to draft annual PSi budget each year.
27.   Builds and enforces PSi calendar on an ongoing basis.
28.   Is expected to participate on a consistent and regular basis (roughly daily) through email, forums and website administration.

Minimum Qualifications:
1.   Familiarity with MS Office Products and FileMaker Pro or equivalent database software.
2.   Keyboarding/Windows/Excel proficiency and Mac OS.
3.   Significant record of Slam community involvement outside of competitions (local organizer, vocal contributor in community forums or meetings, etc.)
4.   Significant record (5-8 years) of proven accomplishment working in various large organizations with a minimum of five years of progressively responsible PSi volunteer experience.
5.   Ability to relate well and build appropriate rapport and relationships with a variety of people in all levels of the organization, as well as people outside the organization.  Uses diplomacy and tact and can diffuse even high tension situations comfortably.
6.   Knowledgeable about how an organization, especially arts organizations, works and knows how to get results using both formal and informal channels.  Recognizes and understands the culture of PSi.  Understands the origin and reasoning behind key policies, practices, and procedures of PSi.
7.   Communicates clearly in establishing directions and feedback to others on work and results.  Plans and distributes work well.

Travel Requirements:
Frequency of travel:  Travel three or more time per year to all PSi national competitions. Occasional travel for site visit purposes to upcoming hosts.
Annual trip to EC retreat in the fall.

The ED shall devote such of his/her time, energy, and skill as is necessary in the performance of his/her duties.

Compensation: Negotiable.

The information in this summary indicates the general nature and level of work performed within this role. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required of employees assigned to this position.

General Discussion / UPDATE: iWPS 2010 Host Change
« on: August 14, 2010, 05:33:09 PM »
Dear PSi members,

We have had a change of venue for iWPS 2010.  Due to unavoidable circumstances we are unable to provide you with the level of quality you’ve come to associate with our events in Philadelphia with what time we have left on the calendar.  To ensure that the event continues to move forward and succeed we are moving iWPS 2010 to Charlotte, where we’ve had great success with iWPS in the past.  The host city team will largely consist of the same crew that gave us successful events before, and will be utilizing resources and venues we’re familiar with.

The date for iWPS will conversely be switched to early December dates.  We will have that information for you very soon.  Also, registration will likely open one week later than we planned, but still well before the end of August.

Those of you who have been around a while know that these things sometimes happen.  Sometimes we can’t get every resource lined up the way we’d like to ensure the kind of event we’ve been able to provide in recent years, and we waited as long as we could before making this decision.  We will continue to do everything we can to alleviate this type of change in the future. 

We thank you for your patience and support, thank Sherod and Philly for their efforts to date, and look forward to seeing many of you at what will be an awesome event in Charlotte this December.

Scott Woods
Poetry Slam, Inc.

General Discussion / Action regarding passes for NPS
« on: July 29, 2010, 09:49:30 AM »

Here is what the EC has investigated, discussed, argued, motioned and voted on in the last week or so since this issue came up:

We determined that the EC had, at one of our meetings during last year's NPS, agreed to limit passes for teams to 5.
Problem?  We didn't publicize that decision and we certainly had bigger fish to fry at the time. 

We have since rectified that by doing the following:

1) Motion to limit teams to 5 passes for NPS was approved. 
2) Motion to start that limit next year, not this year (meaning teams this year get UP TO 6 passes just like the old system and with the old considerations) also passes.  This is the "my bad" motion.

So up to 6 this year, down to a flat 5 next year.

We understand that it's not just a team that brings a team to Nationals, that many people typicaly have a lot ot do with that for any given scene.  We also hope that teams understand that nothing about these events are free, even access.  Seats cost money.  Passes cost money.  bags and shirts and access costs money.  The fairest, most reasonable middle ground for ALL factors that are involved with access is five passes.

Thank you all for your attention to the matter!


As we press forward through the traditional holiday season it is easy to get caught up in all of the trappings, or become overwhelmed, or become grumpy in an attempt to avoid the whole affair...all perfectly acceptable feelings as far as I'm concerned.  Our community has always been an amalgamation of ideas, values and personalities, and I often find it is our greatest strength and asset.

As we round out the year I just wanted to impress upon you how great a year we've had as an organization and what that means to me.  For the first time ever we have had all three of our national events come in the black, all while restructuring a lot of the behind-the-scenes work; bringing on new staff in the areas of marketing, event coordinating and volunteer coordinating; taking on the National Poetry Slam entirely in-house; recovering from great financial distress...all during the worst economy most of us have ever seen in our lifetimes.

As an organization comprised of poets, SlamMasters, staff members, volunteers and executives we realized the mission of PSi in Detroit, Berkeley and West Palm Beach through our national events, and regionally through all of our local shows.  As a community we have bonded together to make things happen that people said couldn't be done, and seated powerful champions into the ever-growing history of Slam.  Collectively we brought poetry into places it has never been, and proved our worth in the heaviest of times.  People who sit in our ranks and who have walked our path in the past have graced the White House.  Poets we know and love have gone on to great academic achievement, literary success and paved the way for other poets to realize their dreams through our powerful art form.  We have lost and loved and fought and at the end of the day, won...together.

These are all things that you should be proud of, that you should be proud to have been a part of.  These are things that, without your direct influence at your local shows and PSI’s national-level events, may not have occurred when they did.  At this time of year, when there is so much to reflect on in such harsh times, we have this - Slam - to be thankful for.  We have our communities and our venues to be thankful for.  We have people crafting flyers and emails and online forums to be thankful for.  We have organizers and people who work doors and people who pick out door prizes to be thankful for.  We have bartenders and waitresses and back-up musicians to be thankful for.  And we have poems – thousands and thousands of poems – to be thankful for.

I am thankful for all of you.  And I am proud of you, and I cannot wait to see what you do next year.

Your president,
Scott Woods
Columbus, Ohio

General Discussion / The Beauty vs. Brawn poetry Pile-Up is ON!
« on: October 13, 2009, 10:07:16 PM »
The Beauty vs. Brawn Poetry Pile-up is set!

The battle of the sexes just got 100% more literate!

This fundraiser for the 2010 Women of the World Poetry Slam is the first of a series of special poetry shows that hope to feature poets from all over coming in to get the city of Columbus ready for the spectacle and excitement of the largest female performance poetry competition in the world!

We're kicking it off at CLUB FIRE on Thursday, October 22 at 8:00 pm with an awesome show: The Beauty vs. Brawn Poetry Pile-Up!  The teams will be picked at random at the beginning of the show and the scores will simply pile-up as the slam stomps forward! 

Open mic will of course be happening, so don't feel like you're missing out on anything!

If you are within two hours of this fundraiser for 2010 WOWps, you simply must come.
If you are within one hour of this show, you should be bringing lots of friends, since every dollar of profit for this event goes toward WOWps!  It's going to be an awesome show. 

50 E. Long Street, Columbus, Ohio
8:00 pm - $5 at the door

General Discussion / AMY EVERHART WINS iWPS 2009!
« on: October 11, 2009, 07:58:47 AM »
Amy Everhart wins the 2009 Individual World Poetry Slam championship!

She hails from Denver and is also the first woman to win this competition.  
PSi congratulates our 2009 iWPS champion, and our fine host city committee for a job well done!

Didn't get enough?  Apparently you can catch her doing a feature this coming Tuesday in NYC at the Bowery Poetry Club.

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