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Title: Art Amok! Atlanta Slam
Post by: karen_g on August 24, 2007, 01:58:41 PM
Art Amok! Atlanta Slam
We hold our slams once  twice a month, on Saturday,
typically the 3rd or 4th,
7.30pm sign-up,open to all, first come, first served to 12, slam to follow.
We have Poetic Soul open mic, a feature, and then the slam.
It all happens at
Mocha Match

627 E College Ave # F
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 377-7788
Get directions
and : (
Sometimes as part of our series,
shows start earlier and include musicians, prompts, thematic open mics
and features, but the slam is always open to all subjects and closes out the night.
We use PSI rules & spiels for our slams, with a season running from
We don't use a points system, rather a rule of threes.
A poet qualifies for Finals by winning a slam and participating in two other Art Amok events.
Winners can do this by filling a feature slot at Art Amok,
participating in Win & Urin or an out-of town event, curating a show or hosting one.
Non-winners can qualify similarly by participating in three Art Amok slams and coming in the top five of a slam
three times.
Previous slam winners can slam as many times as they want, just not the same night as their feature, so the point is to slam often.
We don't penalize poets for arriving to the season too late to participate three times or more.For them, we hold a Last Chance, Sacrificial Lamb Slam.We take the top 1-3, depending on how many slots we have open, so long as the field isn't more than 10-12.
From Finals, we take the top 5 poets as the team.
At the first rehearsal, they're given a contract and the spiel of what is expected of them with availability, rehearsals, fundraising and participation in group work as a contributing, communicative poet.
We've had drop offs when the rehearsal realities kick in (not in '08, luckily).
Then we go down to the next poet in line on the Finals list of scores and see what his/her availability is. In 07 year we had two drop offs, but as a slamming poet slam master, I was positioned next in line.If there's a point when the list stops or availability goes lower than 4, depending on the time left in the season, we would probably withdraw or hold a slam off.
Using these scenerios, we've had a list of no more than twelve poets.
We hold a designated IWPS & WOWPS slam off which is open to all Atlanta area poets deemed as regulars at any venue in the scene---so far the ones who have asked for it and participate in it have been on teams.Should this not happen, we would invite team-ranked poets and then open up remaining slots to area poets.
We hold it as 1-minute, 2-minute-4-minute rounds, to fit the criteria outside of the usual 3-minute rule.
For WOWPS, have a slam off open to all after the slots for the highest ranked female poets are filled, those being city slam champions or champions on the national scene.
We're including criteria defining female as "once, presently, or future-tensed, socialized or personally identifying as a woman," to include any from our trans-poet population. We don't want to check under skirts and pants but we do want to acknowledge the definition of female or woman as varied in our community.

Things are also subject to change with venue or increase or decreases in the number of slams.
Backchannel me if you've any questions or concerns.
~Karen G.
Title: Re: Art Amok! Atlanta Slam
Post by: karen_g on April 20, 2015, 10:54:53 AM
WOW! We seriously needed an update, although our structure remains relatively the same.

We hold slams twice a month from September-June on 2nd and 4th Fridays.
November and December, we usually hold only the 2nd Friday because of holidays.
Our evening typically features and all-artist (musicians) welcome open mic, a feature, and a two round slam wherein standard PSI rules are applied with regard to time, no props, etc.

We employ a point system for slam participation and attendance. If a poet wins a slam with 5 participants, that's 5 points, second place 4, third place 3, etc.Hosting is also a point.
When poets reach 20 points, they've earned a right to Slam Off for the team. Sometimes this happens earlier in the season. Some seasons are thicker with regular attending poets than others or with late, spring attendees. We typically hold a last chance slam toward the end of the season to accommodate them.We have also had seasons with the same eight or so regulars who slam and open mic with only a few poets who have shown up a few times and we carry them forward. We typically cap the slam at 12. 
Our Slam Off is 3 rounds, each round drawn randomly.If we have a slam off of 12, we cut 2 after the first and second round, otherwise, we don't make cuts.
If the winner of the slam off is available, that poet is our Individual World Poetry Slam rep. When that poet is not available, we slam off among poets who have already slammed at Art Amok toward team qualification.
We also slam off for our Women of the World Poetry Slam. It's a 4 round slam of 1-2-3-4 minute poems.To qualify, a poet must have slammed toward team qualification earlier in the season.

Currently, this is our venue and our show time is 8-11 pm, $5 or pay what you can for students

In Tune Studio
753 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315
(404) 889-0383