Author Topic: NUPIC UPDATE 5.....almost time for that FIRE!!!!! Oakland BEASTMODE BABY!  (Read 991 times)

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There is still1 spot remaining in NUPIC. PLEASE EMAIL (aol still works people!) to register. Also email me if you want to be on the text message list announcing the location of NUPIC.

And the spot that will hold NUPIC is so fuego!!!!!!
BUT WHATS "MORE FIRE!" Are the poets throwing the flames.  I want to tell y'all so bad who's ROCKIN this year, but you know that can't happen til the event. JUST KNOW THERE WILL BE NO ROOF REMAINING AFTER THESE POETS DROP JEWELS.

Who want it?
Who will be the years NUPIC PEOPLEZ CHAMP?
Will your city be on the NUPIC Map?
I dare you to do it. I dare you to be as brilliant as you are.......will you?
Your time is now.


TURN UP!-NUPIC 2014.....we are the rumbles beneath the grounds of poetry.