Author Topic: NUPIC V UPDATE!!!!!  (Read 1592 times)

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« on: June 25, 2013, 10:42:43 AM »
Whattup Fam!  7 spots remain.  NUPIC is filling up much faster than in previous years.  Please don't half-step or just assume a spot will be there for you.  Trust that NUPIC is a commitment you should make now.  No money is collected until the night of NUPIC-at the event itself. 

As always, I want to share the list, but Y'ALL KNOW I CAN'T DO DAT! Know that the list is serious. Get your city and/or Slam Team in the mix. 
"We made it from the bottom, now we're here!" Will you be the next NUPIC Champ?

EMAIL HARLYM125@AOL.COM to register or ask questions, etc.....
NUPIC.....we are the rumbles beneath the ground of poetry!