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NPS 2013: Getting in touch
« on: February 26, 2013, 08:04:28 PM »
Hello, poets!

I'm writing to you from beautiful sunny (well, today) Boston, Massachusetts, the site of the 2013 National Poetry Slam. We're looking forward to hosting everyone here in August! WOWPS will be here before you know it, which means that it's almost time to start thinking about NPS. I know that some of your venues have already begun the final selection process for your National Poetry Slam teams, so I want to offer some information about reaching us at NPS 2013.

First: OUR WEBSITE. If you've been to NPS before, you know that the NPS website tends to change addresses from year to year, and can sometimes be tricky to find. Here's some good news: with help from the EC and Erik Daniel, it'll now always be easy to find the NPS website you are looking for... It's just the year dot poetryslam dot com! (So, for instance, if you want this year's website, you can go to To see our archived website from 2011, you can go to The even cooler news: ALL FUTURE NPS WILL NOW START AT THE SAME WEBSITE. So for the most current information ALWAYS, including for 2013, you just go here to get started:

Easy, right? Our site for 2013 has actually been up since last July, but we are adding new content week by week. The biggest updates come from our Social Media Lead, Cassandra de Alba, who will be blogging about how the tournament is progressing. Just click on Blog from the menu to see what's up.

Next: OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. To match our new website address, we've acquired a Facebook page that will host all future NPS events, too! So that means that even if you aren't sure if you are coming to Boston this year, you can Like our page to make sure you get all the updates for 2014, 2015, and beyond, since we'll be turning it over to Poetry Slam, Inc. once NPS 2013 is done. Our Facebook address is exactly what you'd think it'd be:

Please share the page with your friends, friends of friends, relatives, pets with Facebook pages, and whomever else you think should know about poetry slam. Also, feel free to tag your old photos to associate them with this page! The more followers and content we get, the better work we can do promoting the event to venues, hotels, and the press.

While we're on the subject of sharing, we know that some of you like to use TUMBLR to do that. Okay, so here's our tumblr page, which we'd love to have you hook up with. I admit that it's a re-packaging of our Boston Poetry Slam tumblr, so it's got a bit of a regional slant, but we try hard to reach out to post poetry, videos, and ideas from all over:

And if that's too long-form for you, there's always TWITTER! Our Twitter account actually stays the same from year to year, although our hashtag changes. Don't be shy about tweeting your excitement about your trip to NPS, your slam team, or your plans to hang with us either live or virtually:

Follow: @nationalslam
Hashtag: #NPS2013

Well, dang. That's a heck of a lot of ways to reach NPS 2013, right? Still, those just might not be personal enough for you... So maybe you want OUR EMAIL ADDRESSES. If you have general questions about NPS, you can always reach out to us at However, if you have a specific question, suggestion, or concern for one of our departments, like Press, Development, Day Events, or Volunteers (to name a few), you might want to check out the contact information for our top-level staff:

OKAY OKAY. One last thing... I know you have lots of questions to ask about NPS. Chances are good that the information you are looking for is on our website (, remember). If you have a burning question about dates, age limits, or how to compete, you might want to check our FAQ before going anywhere else. Yes, these are the most updated answers, so you can expect them to change as more questions are asked and news is confirmed:

Got our digits? Cool. Feel fee to write 'em on every bathroom mirror from here to Mexico City (hi, Mexico City!). Looking forward to a great August with everyone.

Simone Beaubien
Host City Director, NPS 2013
Boston, Cambridge, Somerville
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Re: NPS 2013: Getting in touch
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2013, 10:31:26 AM »
All of this makes so much sense! Color me impressed!