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What are the actual dates For NPS?

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Just wondering when are the actual dates for NPS because BNV is august 7th -11th this year in chicago. That may clash with NPS and just wanted to know. Mike Guinn DFW Youth Slams and Fort Worth Slams....

The Award Winning DwnTown Poetry Krewe:
I think its August 5-10th

NO DATES ARE AVAILABLE FOR NPS YET. Sorry! Please don't spread rumors, folks!

You can always check the website for the most updated information. I promise that the dates will appear there as soon as they are confirmed:

Thanks for being patient!

Is not conflicting with BNV a priority? I know there is a lot of overlap here in Philly. Many poets who compete in our 'adult' slam, support, coach or attend youth slams and BNV.

Thanks for all of your hard work on NPS!


The Award Winning DwnTown Poetry Krewe:
I apologize for spreading rumors, that is why I said," I think its the 5th through the 10th", because I was under the impression that Nationals always begun the 1st Monday of the month through Saturday because some poets on teams are students and teachers and need to get back to prepare for school, to my understanding most schools across the country (not all) begin classes the 2nd and 3rd week of August.


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