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The F-It Pill Tour - Dates Wanted!
« on: January 18, 2013, 10:07:40 AM »
Hey All -

I have 11 months off before I finish my last year in grad school and am interested in featuring in slam/venues I've never been to before.

I have two new books out, published by a press out of Chicago (NOT self published): "From Foster Care to Fame" (poems and short stories) and a motivational book for runners, "Run Ugly!" I have workshops that coincide with each book; along with workshops for women, writing & performance and The Business of Spoken Word 101, and many others both political and personal, that I'd love to couple with the features.

As a bonus I am, also, seriously pursuing a career in comedy!  8) (If I wasn't already funny enough! I'm quickly learning it's a different beast) IN ADDITION to the poetry venues in your area, I am looking for small gigs and/or dives to "work-out" in. And/or I would make a dynamic host for your larger poetry shows/showcases/slams.
If you are interested in making any of this happen in your city, please contact me, I haven't been on an extended road "tour" in a while and am excited to see what's going on out there.

I have dates filling up, pretty quickly, please give me a call/text/email and I'll send you whatever promotional material and links you need to make it happen; "and please make an offer that's realistic to your venue so I can get a good gauge of where we stand." -Buddy Wakefield