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EC Candidates in 2013


Just a note to remind you all what EC members are currently coming up on their end of term/re-elections

Henry Sampson - President (expires in 2013)
Suzi Q Smith - Vice-President (expires in 2014)
Jesse Parent - Secretary (expires in 2014)
Inkera Oshun - Treasurer (expires in 2013)
Sam Castello - Trustee (expires in 2014)
Karen G - Trustee (expires in 2013)
LoGic - Trustee (expires in 2013)

It is valuable to know who will seek re-election as well as who would be interested in running for the EC this year. Last year had a record number of candidates and it would be wonderful to see that level of interest, again.


If the poetry community will have me, I plan to run for re-election.

I only feel like I'm just getting started, so I'm interested in renewing if the gallery says yea.

I feel as if I'm just getting started as well!  So, I also plan to run again at the slammaster meeting, and hope to continue working with PSi.

Just reminding anyone who feels strongly about being a candidate for the EC, feel free to declare your interest in here!



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