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Win and Your In ( Killeen)
« on: December 20, 2012, 05:59:46 PM »
Helloooo Slam Masters are you tired of going to compete at a venue and have to take on a home team crowd for your win and your in? Dont you wish you could go to a place that served good drinks ,,, chicken wings,,,and some hot microphone... well look no further we got you.. bring your Team to Killeen.

 On 16 January 2013 Killeen Poetry Slam will Host a win and your in. Due to some budget items and the Fiscal cliff  we will probably not be sending a team to NPS2013.. But we will host a WYN bout, or bouts.. so far 3 teams have agreed to compete but there is still room for more because we got the venue ALL NIGHT!!.

So in groups of 3 or 4 we will slam more. if your interested reach out to me JOHN CROW or Killeenpoetryslam on Face book or call 254 319 6594.. we can get hotel discounts for those who need a room. but I have to hear from you No later than 1pm on January 7th.

thats the win and your In for NPS2013 in Killeen TX.
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