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Registration for the High Desert Haiku Competition is now open!


Sam Castello:

We will accept 32 registrants for this competition.

The tournament is currently structured to be double elimination so you will have at least two opportunities to Haiku in Prelims. There will be two Prelim Bouts on Friday, April 26th. There will be a number of side events as well.

Finals will be the top 16 (two wins) from Prelims. Finals is Saturday April 27th.

Prize money for winners is:
1st Place - $575
2nd Place - $275
3rd Place - $175
4th Place - $75

There will be additional prizes and perks, its just way too early to announce them all.

If you have questions about the competition, you can email me at

also, check out twitter @HighDesertHaiku

Web info will be posted at

Basic Schedule:
Thursday, April 25th 7:30 PM - Opening Ceremonies and Registration
Friday, April 26th 3:00PM to 5:00PM - Late Registration
Friday, April 26th 7:30PM Prelim Round One (16 Poets)
Friday, April 26th 9:00PM Prelim Round Two (16 Poets)
Saturday, April 27th 7:30PM FINALS!

***side events, workshops and other activities are planned***

Sunday, April 28th - Post Festival Hot Springs soaking and campout - location and cost TBD.

NOTE: If you do not know where Silver City NEW MEXICO is, look it up! We are going to do everything we can to facilitate travel, we've got some great ideas already to try to coordinate some shuttles, but please realize that the closest major airport is El Paso - 2 1/2 hours away. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! We're going to make travel work. But please know that we are a little off the beaten path. But it is totally worth it!

Sam Castello:
Just bumping this up for the New Year.

Holler if you have any questions, this is going to be tons of fun!


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