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Lookin for a feedback on a weird slam idea I have

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I want to roll over laughing at Jessie's post.

Yo Dave, if I come up there with an old school Bosh Raptors jersey will I get boo'd out of the building? Lol

Probably Deonte, so it's a risky move. But a Lowry jersey on the other hand...

Harlym 125:
SHit is crazy sun!  Poets got maaaaad confidence; however, I'm not quite sure how many of us actually have "b-ball skills" or the hand-eye coordination to rock that homie!  And if poets have skills, then its time  for us to collaborate and get this Nationals 3 on 3 tournament going!  YOU MUST KEEP A BLOOPER REEL!

As always, I second everything 125 says. Especially the Booper reel.


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