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Lookin for a feedback on a weird slam idea I have

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Dave here from Toronto Poetry Slam. So we try to come up with some unique slams/poetry show ideas, and one recently has been itching at my brain.

I call it a Slam Dunk Slam. It's a poetry slam AND a slam dunk competition.

Takes place outdoors, with a non-regulation net, rolled into a parking lot perhaps. Likely Nerf ball or a small basketball, not an NBA ball. You don't want it to be too hard.

So the poet first does his/her piece, judged by those in the audience like normal. Then the poet can choose - go for a slam dunk and get judged by the judges on the dunk; or shoot from the free throw line. You get it in, you get a 28. You miss, you get a 26. After all, some people might have injuries, think twice about it once they're there, etc.

Your total score would be the poem plus the slam dunk score, for a possible perfect score of 60. Highest lowest dropped in the slam dunk score too.

Sports and poets, together at last!

A friend told me if someone gets injured, I'd be liable, Toronto Poetry Project would be sued. So everyone competing would need to sign a waiver, that's what we concluded, so we won't be held responsible if someone breaks their wrist trying to do an under-the-legs reverse jam.

I know this slam idea isn't for everyone, but think it's got legs? I have a very good feeling it'll attract the right kind of attention here, in Toronto some decent media buzz, and who knows, maybe I can get Toronto Raptors to sponsor it,  nab Kyle Lowry to be a celeb judge.

Feedback welcome.

Hilarious and awesome!

Scott Woods:
You should have already done this and just reported the RESULTS, yo.

(But then, I'm crazy, so DO THAT SHIT.)

So you think I'll be free of liability if I get the poets to sign that waiver? And never done an outdoor slam before, so guess I gotta work with what the weather gives me.



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