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Slam Family Meeting Notes
« on: August 17, 2012, 04:13:21 PM »
Slam Family Meeting Notes

-Henry opened- described structure of EC, Slam Masters, Poets. report out of slam master meeting, no bylaws changed. Local slam masters should have an informal report. (Storm Poet definitions were only recommendations for the EC to consider)

-Host City report out- Charlotte thank yous, especially to Blumenthal & Inkera, Black Baree mentions picnic, youth slam off, Bluz as Finals host
Henry congratulates all teams for participating & sharing great poetry

-Erik details Finals Night & structure, welcoming teams Da Poetry Lounge, Nuyo, SNO, Killeen, thanks poets for being safe & looking out for each other.
   -First time scores went live, which worked well for the most part, delays only from wi-fi-less venues.
   -No protests, only there were ties & the one between Killeen & Golden State was not handled properly. Tie breakers are confusing, something to look at. MC kept the same order instead of coin flip. Better training of MCs and definitions in the future. Golden State’s concession is to have a poem posted on Finals Stage.
   -nobody had questions about the tournament

-Henry described the backstage of EC meetings every morning, thank yous to Seth, Hosts, Bout managers. Feedback to Seth went well.

-Report out on IWPS, storm poet changes are not in effect yet, they were only recommendations.
Venue sign up begins on August 20th
Opens up to storms & registered venues on September 10th
Closing date is September 21st
Make reservations ASAP for October 3-6th

NPS ’13- Boston, MA, Simone invites everyone to check out the site from last time for reference  and the new site is up already for 2013:
   -volunteer call is out already
   -Simone recognizes the challenges from last time & seeks to improve on it with larger venues & partnering with MIT
   -Day event sched geared more toward margins mics again, open showcases,new spaces for them & more opening up and crossing over to area communities for participation.
   -Simone apologizes for not having them last ime
   -Expansion on the ideas of safe space & branching out from that, workshopping, having professionals, etc.

NPS ’14, Oakland, CA, contract forthcoming.
   Not quite vetted bids for IWPS ’13, Spokane & a few others, nothing contracted

-Abbey report out—Finals night merch reminder, awareness of weddings in the host hotel
   -resignation announcement, job posting forthcoming, 30 day transition, will help to set up IWPS

-Geoff Jarok introduces himself Financial Manager
   -solid terms financially

-Slam Mtg update-
Rules Committee update, reviewing group piece rules as an example. 3 goals, 1.
make a more organized, shorter book 2. putting penalties ( & the info/backstory) with conventional knowledge at the back 3. a better FAQ

-Storm selection process will be in the minutes & in the forums *only recommendations were made to the EC, no changes*-members can seek the agenda on the forum

-Rule clarification: NPS Host City has to declare 21+ age restrictions by April 1st (no joke)

Comments & Questions
   -Plagiarism in the haiku slam. Strategies were talked about, talking to host & poet involved.
   -Killeen asked about poet passes over all access passes only covering 5, there was a suggestion to add a slam master/ coach code to registration, for a 6th pass. Host city can design this, suggestion to revisit this issue.
   -Spirit of the slam votes
   -Happy Birthday to Donny Rose-