Author Topic: Tues Aug. 7th- 5:30pm- opening for nats- The Takeover (a poetry flash mob)  (Read 1364 times)


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What up Peoples!

Q here... hope all is well and everyone is excited about nationals! can't wait to have to all here!...

Wanted to run an idea by all the teams and see if any or all would be willing to participate...

So The idea...

on tues. @ 5:30pm, before the first bouts start and at the height of our corporate uptown traffic, all 400 poets competing in the comp would cover uptown on every corner along tryon & college from stonewall to about 9th.

At exactly 5:30pm, each poet spits a 3min poem (it can be a group or individual piece), ends with our 2012 tagline "I am poetry" and walks away... This poetry flashmob would be a great way to let know our community know that nationals has officially started and the battle is about to begin :)  Also we'll have volunteers out and about with fliers to hand out ... We will invite all media to do a live remote..

it would be even more impactful if everyone could wear the nationals official shirt from this year/your bag you'll receive at orientation/ or a shirt from a past nationals ...
Let's officially jumpstart nationals with The Takeover! ....

If you all are down, please reply back and i'll put you or your team down on the list and we will give more details at orientation...

Thanks everyone and safe travels... Q


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 :D I think members of ATL Art Amok will be down for this!


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You should put up a facebook event for this now and start inviting folks, especially since I'm not sure how many folks will actually check these boards between now and Tuesday.


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Erik, Seth and I talked with Sarah from Bloomenthal Arts about this today, an we will mention it at orientation this evening and tomorrow!  Thanks Q