Author Topic: NPS 2012 needs YOU to make our "I Am POETRY" campaign a success!!  (Read 1285 times)


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NPS 2012 needs YOU to make our "I Am POETRY" campaign a success!!

As part of the planning process for NPS 2012, we are doing a "I Am POETRY" video series to be used in our marketing efforts.

Help us get ready for NPS 2012-Charlotte by telling us what makes YOU poetry! Submit a 30 SECOND personal video to us via email: The video MUST contain the words "I Am Poetry". We welcome all forms of creativity. Please keep all submissions clean and free of anything offensive.
Some of the content will be used in commercials and marketing efforts for NPS 2012-Charlotte!

I grant National Poetry Slam 2012, in partnership with Poetry Slam Inc., the right to use any video or audio reproduction of the commercial submitted for archival, promotional, educational or commercial purposes and for use in future commercial
products of PSI. I understand that I retain the copyright to the poems themselves.

The videos must be received by 5pm on 6 July.

This is your opportunity to "possibly" be showcased in a commercial to help market NPS 2012.

PS: Don't forget to tell us who you are and where you're from on your video.

Thanks in advance_

The NPS 2012 Planning Team

President, Poetry Slam, Inc.
Artistic Director, SlamCharlotte
Event Coordinator, iWPS
Assistant Tournament Director, Southern Fried Poetry Slam


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Re: NPS 2012 needs YOU to make our "I Am POETRY" campaign a success!!
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As an addendum:

Most videos taken from cell phone camera or digital video camera will be too large to attach and send to a gmail account.  You can still send it to using a large file transfer service like or  The process should be relatively straightforward.