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-Top 4 spots at regular slams in SF (the certification we're sending the team under btw), Berkeley, Oakland & San Jose get points.
-The top scoring poets qualify for semis, one at each venue (poets compete in the semi at the venue where they are ranked highest in the standings)
-The top 2 poets from each of the four semis advance to finals
-The winner of an additional "last-chance semi", open only to semifinalists who did not previously advance, also moves on to finals
-The top 4 (or 5) cumulative scores from finals are the team

-If we need to add poets after the team has been formed for whatever reason finals competitors will be called up in descending order (meaning the 5th place competitor will be given the option of joining the team followed by the 6th place, etc., etc.)

Thank you, Dahled  ;)


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