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Nuyorican Poets Cafe
236 East 3rd Street
NY, NY 10009

We are located on Manhattan's Lower East Side at 236 East 3rd Street between Avenue B and Avenue C.

Every Weds Night except first Weds of the month 9PM
Every Friday Night 10pm

Poetry Slam @the Nuyorican is truly poetry of and by the people. Winners of any Nuyorican Poetry Slam are chosen entirely by our varied audience members; a continual stream of changing faces, ages and backgrounds that make up New York City on any given night. Audience judges are not required to have any special skills or history and that's what always makes our slam so exciting and unpredictable.

Many Poetry Slammers have begun their careers in either the Wednesday Night Slam Open or the Open Room. Some will come back and compete many times before winning a slam, so keep on coming! 2008 National Team member, Rico Steal, began his career at the Nuyorican in the Open Room and didn't quit until he was slamming on Friday Nights!

Winner of Wednesday Night Slam Open is eligible to compete in a Friday Night Slam. If you win a Friday Night Slam, you are eligible to compete in one of the five Semi-Final Poetry Slams that happen throughout our Slam season.

If you win a Semi-Final slam, you will become one of five poets to compete in our yearly Grand Slam Finale, which generally happens in April. The winner of that slam takes the Grand Slam Champion title for that year and immediately qualifies to be on our National Team. The rest of our yearly National Team comes out of three Run-Off Slams, which happen after the Grand Slam Finale. We send these team members to compete yearly in the National Poetry Slam. To learn more about our National Teams through the years, click here.

Spotlight Poets are featured before the Slam each Friday Night and are curated by the Nuyorican SlamMaster.

(Posted for Mahoghany Browne)

How are the run off slams used to select the team?  Are these open to anyone? Or just winners of a Wednesday Slam, Friday Slam or Semi-finals slam?

And yes Erik I realize you probably won't be able to answer this.

From Mahoghany:
"After our Grand Slam, we have 3 different runoffs & the finalst are placed in those slams w/4-6 semi-finalists from the year. If need be, the team alternates are chosen by those that participated in the runoffs."

So to answer your question, the runoffs consist of the Grand Slam finalists, and filled out with remaining semifinalists. 

its basically, if you win a friday - you are in a semi. if you lose the semi, you still get a spot in the runoffs. the team is formed over the course of a month of fridays: grand slam, followed by the runoffs.


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