Author Topic: Arizona State Senator wants an English-Only Poet Laureate.  (Read 1160 times)


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Arizona State Senator wants an English-Only Poet Laureate.
« on: September 07, 2011, 01:53:54 PM »
Hey folks, in the next legislative session, a State Senator (Al Melvin from district 26 in Southern Arizona) is going to sponsor a bill that would create an Arizona Poet Laureate position.  An ENGLISH ONLY Poet Laureate. 

In Arizona, poetry is written in Spanish, it is written in O'odham & Dine, English, and other languages both transplanted and native. 

Creating a Poet Laureate position in "English Only" would put a government stamp on what is and isn't poetry with the borders of the Copper State. This cannot be allowed to happen. 

State Senator Al Melvin can be reached here: He also can be reached at: or his cell at 520.429.8083 (he published those himself on the form letter response from the e-mail). 

He is expecting this to be a simple act that no one cares about.

Please forward this to anyone who might want to help in this fight.  If this does come to a floor vote, we will be working on doing something at the State Capitol to protest, but more importantly, *you* will need to lobby your state represenatives and senators *directly*.  Protests draw attention to the cause, but it takes direct action to affect change.
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