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Hello all,
I decided to officially post our slammaster selection process for the forums and records sake. 

Slammasters will be voted upon yearly by the qualified NPS representatives (includes competing members, alternate and coach) that represent the venue.  There is no limit to how many annual terms a slammaster may serve.
Denver NUBA qualified reps from 2011 NPS tournament decide who will represent venue as slammaster by vote August 31st after returning from national tournament.  Slammaster will represent venue from August 31st, 2011 - August 31st, 2012.  Vote will also include nominees for co-slammaster who will represent venue along lead slam-master for the same term.

Denver SlamNUBA will maintain this policy throughout August 31, 2013 before any review or change will be made.

Thanks all,
Current Denver NUBA SlamMaster
Ayinde Russell


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