Author Topic: If you've never toured the Arkansas/Oklahoma area... [looking for features]  (Read 1898 times)


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Did you know that Southwest Shootout and IWPS next year are going to be held in the same neighborhood next year? True story.  SWS will be in Tulsa, OK, and IWPS will be here in Fayetteville, AR; a scant hour and a half apart.  And I know a bunch of you haven't been to the region before.  So, as someone who loves this area and is trying to help grow the scene around here, here are some things you touring poets should know to entice you to the area.

1.  Shit is cheap.  The gas down the road from my house is $3. 20, and there are places here where, on a good day, you can get it for under $3.  PBR tallboys at the bar are usually $1, and at the store are even cheaper.  Groceries cost quite a bit less too.  This makes coming through this region possibly more affordable than any other.

2.  We plan our slams to help you tour.  We know most poets have trouble driving out here, and no one wants to fly to just do one show.  So we've set up shows in the area to make things easy on you.  Fayetteville, Springfield MO and St Louis MO all have our slams the same week of the month, but different days, so you can zip through and do a paying gig each night.  Oklahoma City's two slams usually fall within their own week as well.  Whether you're going from Dallas to Chicago or vice-versa, if you plan ahead you'll be able to pay your gas, no problem.

3.  The colleges here are poetry deprived, so they pay bank.  Since touring poets come around here so infrequently, the market is under-saturated, and you'll usually get your asking price.  I would especially recorded hitting up Hendrix College and The University of Arkansas.  Both bring about 4 features a year, but because we don't get many people around here, it ends up often being the same folks.

If you'd like more information on the area and booking shows around here, feel free to hit me up.


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This couldn't be any more perfect for me. . . I have family in East Texas and want to do a 1-3 week long tour of Texas and the surrounding states so I'd be very much interested.

Not a big name at all but I've made the past three National Poetry Slams.  My fan page is hxxp: www. facebook. com/LakeythePoet

If there's a need to discuss anything further feel free to contact me via facebook or my email unpoetry87@yahoo. com

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Re: If you've never toured the Arkansas/Oklahoma area... [looking for features]
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2011, 03:26:02 PM »
I'm going to be touring in February, and will probably be looking to head west. I'll be in touch soon!