Author Topic: SAY IT WITH ME.....NU!-PIC!, NU!-PIC!, NU!-PIC! NUUUUUU-PIC!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 1045 times)

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Uh! Thats how you should be feeling right about now!  As we get closer to Nationals, the more the NUPIC FIRE PIT burns with fury.  Itz so hard to not tell you the names of the contestants, but I will honor the NUPIC guidelines on this, and not unveil the names until the evening of the event at the event itself.  Believe me people, this shit is "off the hook!" 

On Friday, August 12 2011, after the conclusion of the Group Piece Finals, NUPIC will OWN the night!  This is where we poets play hard and play with the lit matches in our throats, speaking into gasoline microphones!  And our noise claims the victors and delegates the spoils.  This is the house we poets built-now lets live in it baybaaaaay!

I will send out the text message announcing the location of NUPIC on Friday August 12 to the competitors and via word of mouth to our fam. YOU ARE NOW ROCKIN' WITH THE BEST
WE (all of us-that includes you reading this too)-ARE-NUPIC
NUPIC 2011.....we are the rumbles beneath the ground of poetry.