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Paying Gig! (Please Forward)
« on: May 02, 2011, 07:33:43 PM »
Howdy All,

I'm helping to book dates for a venue in Oneonta, NY...

All of the available show dates:
- Start at 8pm
- Are on Wednesdays
- Pay $400 plus one nights campus lodging on eve of performance; no travel allowance (take it or leave it).
- 30-35 minute set and a final poem at the conclusion of the slam
- average audience in the fall was @ 110 per show; artist keeps all merch$

***If interested, send me a succinct list of any/all dates (listed below) you're available to
Experience required; references if I don't know you (respectfully); do not send me poems or YouTube links (sincerely).

***DEADLINE to get back at me: Friday May 6th.

August 24

September 14

September 21

October 12

October 26

These poets have appeared over the last two falls:

fall 2009
Shira Elichman
Mike Mcgee
Jared Paul
Marty McConnell
Queen Sheba

fall 2010
Jon Sands
Sarah Morgan
Omar Holmon
Denise Jolly
Tara Hardy

On Up,