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After a 3 year hiatus from the National Slam Scene, Da Poetry Lounge/Hollywood is pleased to announce that we're back.  Our 1st Official Qualifying Slam for Da Poetry Lounge Team that will compete at the 2011 National Poetry Slam in Cambridge, MA will be held September 21st, 2010.  

Each Qualifying Slam will have the top 3 poets qualify for the Semi Finals which will be held beginning March of 2011.  There will be 6 open Slams.  3 Semi Finals Bouts and the Finals will be held on April 26th, 2011.  There will be 8 poets in the Finals competing for 5 slots on the team.

Each Slam consists of 3 cumulative rounds.  With cuts after each round.  4 make it to the Final round of each Qualifier.  3 move on to Semi's.

There are no repeats in Da Poetry Lounge Slam at all.  Meaning, to make the team competitors will need at least 9 poems.  

Also, time rules are PSI standard with a slight twist...if you go over 3:30 the DJ turns the music on and you're disqualified.  Sorry, but, if you're going to Slam you should know the rules especially after they were explained to you before the start of each Slam.  

Our new rule for the relaunch is our new group piece rule for Semi Finals and Finals.  After the Qualifying Slams have concluded, poets will be paired up to write a group piece with another poet that will be performed and scored at their Semi Finals Bout.  The score of that group piece will be equally shared by the poets and will give them their score for that round.  Example...the group piece you perform gets a 27.5 then, each poet receives a 27.5 for that round.  If the poets don't have a group piece they will receive a 0.0 for that round.  

Competitors who qualify for multiple Team Finals will have to determine whether or not they will compete for DPL or that other team.  If you choose to compete in another Team Finals you must drop from the DPL Finals.   WE WILL NOT BE HELD HOSTAGE UNTIL POETS DECIDE WHAT TEAM GIVES THEM THE BEST CHANCE!!!  THERE'S A LOT OF WORK THE TEAM NEEDS TO DO AND HOLDING US UP WILL NOT BE ALLOWED!!! Each Team has their Rules these are ours.

Finals will consist of 3 cumulative rounds...2 solo rounds and 1 group piece round.  Groupings will be randomly drawn the Tuesday after the last Semi Finals bout.  8 Poets for the 1st two rounds.  After the group piece round 2 poets will be dropped.  The final 6 poets compete for the 5 spots on the Da Poetry Lounge/Hollywood Slam Team.

There you go... Our Slam is listed in the Notes section
also, check out but, be careful

Our rules have slightly changed with the Group Piece Rounds being added to the Semi Finals Bouts and Finals...
Also, 9 Poets technically qualify because we take the top 3 Poets from each of our 3 Semi Finals Bouts then, drop the lowest scoring Poet so, the odd number doesn't throw our Finals Group Pieces off


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