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SlamNUBA Denver, CO Slam Selection Process

Author Topic: SlamNUBA Denver, CO Slam Selection Process  (Read 2352 times)


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SlamNUBA Denver, CO Slam Selection Process
« on: February 14, 2011, 01:59:24 PM »
SlamNUBA meets twice every month, the first and last Monday at the Crossroads Theater.  2590 Washington St., Denver, CO 80205

For the 2011 season and foreseeable future:

Slammers qualify for the April 1st team slam - off by winning one slam in the alloted season from May - April after previous team selection.
Slammers must win one slam, and participate in a total of three slams during the course of the season to qualify for team slamoff. 

The top 5 competitors on the night of team slamoff represent the SlamNUBA team at Nationals.  These top 5 competitors are those that post the highest cumulative score on the night of team slamoff.

Regular season slams are decided by elimination and highest score by round (three rounds, original work, 3min time limits, no costumes or props - standard PSI rules).  Novelty slams held during season (haiku slams, cover slams, slams with variation from 3min time limit) do not count toward accumulated wins, but will count toward competitor participation credit for team slamoff.

IWPS representatives are the grand slam champion of the applicable season.  The grand slam champion for Nuba is the competitor who posts the highest cumulative score during team slamoff.  WOWPS representatives are chosen by a WOWPS slamoff  - with 4 round competition of variant time limit (1min, 2min, 3min,).  WOWPS slamoffs are held every other year, the next to be held during the 2012 season.  The WOWPS representative is determined by highest cumulative score over 3 rounds.