Author Topic: NUPIC 2015 OAKLAND RESULTS.....  (Read 227 times)

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« on: August 17, 2015, 09:41:43 AM »
Thank you to our entire poetry fam for allowing NUPIC to happen again and with an incredible display of art, love and integrity.  Thank you all for being there for me as I dealt with a family emergency and stepping up to assist me. To my Lizard Lounge Team, Jesse Parent, Mark Palos, Cole Rodriguez, and Jive Poetic, words can't express my appreciation for the roles you played in this year's NUPIC.  Onto the spoils.....
After rockin' Prelims, Semi's, Group Piece finals and then NUPIC from 2AM until 5:30AM this past Friday.....WIl GILES earned the "People's Champ" NUPIC Title for 2015!  Wil, hold us down for the year comrade, as you represent what our community deemed great art and you join and incredible family of poets that have earned the NUPIC Champ Title. Be beyond measure my poet.  Until next year, and in ATLANTA!

NUPIC.....we are the rumbles beneath the grounds of poetry.

-harlym 1two5


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Thank you for your dedication to this Harlym.
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