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JOB POSTING: Executive Director
« on: November 12, 2010, 08:38:50 AM »
PSi is now taking applicants for the following position: Executive Director.
Applicants should forward resumes or items of interest to Scott Woods, President, PSi at:

Deadline for applicants: Nov. 29, 2010



Responsible for managing all activities of the organization within the framework of established philosophy, objectives, and policies adopted by the Executive Council of Poetry Slam, Inc.  Has administrative oversight over all areas of Poetry Slam, Inc.

1.   Maintaining the 501.C.3 non-profit status; complying with all regulations and filing requirements.

2.   Acting as an advisor to the Executive Council to be sure they, the SlamFamily, and the SlamMasters fulfill all the requirements of the corporation by-laws.

3.   Monitoring accounting records of all business transactions and remains appraised of day-to-day financial status of the organization, directing Finance Manager in his/her duties and directing spending priorities.

4.   Making sure all PSI contract obligations are fulfilled.

5.   Managing and assisting the Executive Council in the venue certification process, implementing it, and maintaining accurate, up to date records of slams’ certification/registration statuses and PSI members. The creation and maintenance of an accurate and up to date membership database and other duties associated with maintaining membership records.

6.   Monitor development efforts and all other volunteer staff in the process of securing public and private funding of Poetry Slam Inc.

7.   Monitor the grant-back program.

8.   Maintaining an up-to-date file of all business correspondence.

9.   Supervising and ensuring the timely and accurate filing of Federal and State income tax forms.

10.   Monitor the conduct of business on the Online Store

11.   Supervising and managing the timely production and distribution of membership benefits.

12.   Supervising and managing all volunteer staffs and special projects assigned to the Subcontractor by the Contractor.

13.   Maintaining all required insurances and licenses for the business operations of the Contractor.

14.   Supervising and ensuring the proper operations of the SlamMasters and EC list serves.

15.   Supervising the operations of the PSI website and the volunteer and paid staff that maintains it.

16.   Supervising and managing the volunteer staffs of certain specific projects as may be assigned by the EC to Subcontractor.

17.   Providing membership certificates and licenses, the cost of which shall be billed to the Contractor separately and in addition to the Subcontractor’s hourly fee stated above.

18.   Providing and procuring all office supplies and materials required by Subcontractor to efficiently execute the duties and responsibilities stated herein. The cost of such office supplies, phone services and materials shall be billed to the Contractor separately and in addition to the Subcontractor’s salary contained in the original contract.

19.   The Contractor shall provide travel expenses to sponsored events for the Subcontractor. The Subcontractor will book travel to and from Contracted events using the corporate resources. Meals and other expenses for duties on site will be paid through corporate resources or reimbursement.

20.   Maintaining an accurate and up to date record of all members and registered and certified venues of Poetry Slam, Inc. both past and present.

21.   Maintain accurate records of participating teams and individuals for Registration for The National Poetry Slam, The Individual World Poetry Slam, and The Women of the World Poetry Slam.

22.   Monitor contract negotiations between the Event Coordinator and the Host City Chair as well as contract negotiations with hotels and venues in a city for a contracted event.

23.   Maintain an accurate and up to date record of all hotel rooms booked through Poetry Slam, Inc. for contracted events.

24.   Maintain an accurate and up to date record of all Executive Council member information for Executive Council internal use, tax filing and I.R.S purposes.

25.   Causing the membership database and the Certified and Registered Venues database to be uploaded in a timely manner to a secure page of for the internal use of PSI.
26.   Works with President to draft annual PSi budget each year.
27.   Builds and enforces PSi calendar on an ongoing basis.
28.   Is expected to participate on a consistent and regular basis (roughly daily) through email, forums and website administration.

Minimum Qualifications:
1.   Familiarity with MS Office Products and FileMaker Pro or equivalent database software.
2.   Keyboarding/Windows/Excel proficiency and Mac OS.
3.   Significant record of Slam community involvement outside of competitions (local organizer, vocal contributor in community forums or meetings, etc.)
4.   Significant record (5-8 years) of proven accomplishment working in various large organizations with a minimum of five years of progressively responsible PSi volunteer experience.
5.   Ability to relate well and build appropriate rapport and relationships with a variety of people in all levels of the organization, as well as people outside the organization.  Uses diplomacy and tact and can diffuse even high tension situations comfortably.
6.   Knowledgeable about how an organization, especially arts organizations, works and knows how to get results using both formal and informal channels.  Recognizes and understands the culture of PSi.  Understands the origin and reasoning behind key policies, practices, and procedures of PSi.
7.   Communicates clearly in establishing directions and feedback to others on work and results.  Plans and distributes work well.

Travel Requirements:
Frequency of travel:  Travel three or more time per year to all PSi national competitions. Occasional travel for site visit purposes to upcoming hosts.
Annual trip to EC retreat in the fall.

The ED shall devote such of his/her time, energy, and skill as is necessary in the performance of his/her duties.

Compensation: Negotiable.

The information in this summary indicates the general nature and level of work performed within this role. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required of employees assigned to this position.