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Buddy Wakefield - 2011 National Solo Tour
« on: October 23, 2010, 01:38:05 AM »
Dear Y'all,

If I may...

Now booking all states.
Letís keep it personal:
Contact for date options & details.

Iím amped as all get out for the upcoming release of ďGentleman Practice.Ē
Itíll be on Write Bloody Publishing and Iíll tour the pants off it January-May 2011.
One last national go íround from a car for all the marbles....
While this tour is aimed at college venues, I'm also lookiní forward to visiting old friends who were there in the beginning;
do some gallery, theater, high school and independently organized shows.

Thanks for understanding that this tour is very much a last hoorah of sorts as I save to put a down payment on a home
and get off the road to write a larger impacting work. I mean no disrespect in declining $100 Slam features, or in stating a minimum
more than what you might pay other features. I'm throwing this out there to the organizers who'd be stoked to help make a good solo show happen on an off night, or college organizers involved with this forum.

Am nonstop on tour with Derrick, Anis and The Revival at the moment so may be slow to the response, but am no doubt happy to tour the whole U.S. January through May. I already have a route loosely mapped out so, organizers, please write and letís see if it works for you.

Holler with a venue in mind and weíll go from there regarding budget and details.
I appreciate the encouragement of "Come to [insert city]!" but please only email with solid interest/offers to make a show happen.

Safe to say Iím pretty excited about goiní for it one more time.


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Re: Buddy Wakefield - 2011 National Solo Tour
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2010, 08:52:56 PM »

What about the Triathalon training workshop... where do I sign up for the BW Triathalon Workshop?!