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.....and the NUPIC 2010 Champion IS!!!!!!!! (i know its a week late-shut-up)

Author Topic: .....and the NUPIC 2010 Champion IS!!!!!!!! (i know its a week late-shut-up)  (Read 1909 times)

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Eboni Hogan.  She threw down with 15 other "fire mouths of words" and earned the admiration of our community as the face of what we value in poetry.  The coincidental beauty of the event is that any one of the competitors could have been champ. "Poetry" loves hard like that. Eboni, do us proud and hold the NUPIC Title knowing that you represent what our community is about. We are the rumbles beneath the ground of poetry.....NUPIC. "That love movement."

Thank you to our PSI Family for allowing this to happen.  Without us, there is no NUPIC.  And although none of the cameras were there for malicious reasons, I thank you for shutting them off at the request of our community and being very "cool" about it. I am proud of our family and what we bring to NUPIC.  The feelings we bring on Friday at 1,2,3, and four in the morning rival nothing short of love. All the poets competing get love and give love.  This is what we do.  And, although there are "chips (money)" involved, the integrity and sanctity of our event remains in tact.  Thanks again Scott Woods for accepting the invitation and in many ways validating the legacy this event holds in supplemental fashion to PSI.

One more time, NUPIC 2010 Champion is EBONI HOGAN.  On a side note ......I wrote all of her poems.  Never.  Eboni writes her own shit. Rep that NUPIC thang hard "E!"  Until next year in Mass................ WE ARE THE RUMBLES BENEATH THE GROUND OF POETRY.....NUPIC aka UNDIES aka THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP!  You (every reader/poet) and I.

NUPIC 2011.....Is next year your year to be champ? Rock hard babies!