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Slam New Orleans Slam Selection Process

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Slam New Orleans Slam Selection Process
« on: April 30, 2010, 01:18:58 PM »
Slam New Orleans
Monthly Slam is held on second Saturday of every month
Slam Master: Akeem Martin
Slam Series for team selection to begin in December/Janurary of every slam season
Red Star Art Gallery
2513 Bayou Rd
New Orleans, LA 70119

All Slams are Under PSI regulations

Open Slams Rules
Slams are open to the first 6 competitors that arrive(First come, First serve bases)

Slam rules and explanation of slam is previously stated in the FAQ

There will be 6 open slams(slam team selection)

1 st place finisher of each slam advance to the finals. 

2nd place is placed on bubble, which means that at the end of the 6 open slams the finisher in 2nd place with the highest score will advance to the finals

If competitors donít win a slam one week they are welcomed to come back and slam another week. 

Note: Although previous slam members are in the finals, they are encouraged  to compete in the slams at least once in the prelim rounds.   

If a second place finisher comes back the following weeks and finish 1st.  the 3rd place finisher of that previous week will be placed on the bubble. 

Note: If a poet wins one week.  It is their prerogative to slam in other prelim bouts if they so choose to. 

Each finalist must pay a 10 dollar entry fee to start the new team bank account. 

Finals would consist of 12 poets, 5 from the previous team and 7 from the qualifying rounds.

Final will consist of 2 rounds with elimination after the first round down to 8 poets.  The remaining poets will go in reverse order.   After the second round the first and second rounds will be added and the top 5 poets will make team S. N. O.  2010.   With the 6,7,8 person on stand buy incase a member of the team can not make a slam completion. 


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Re: Slam New Orleans Slam Selection Process
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2013, 01:12:11 PM »
Update of Slam team selection process(sorry i forgot to do this as we were growing and changing :-*)
As of 2011-pervious slam team is no longer automatically into the finals. 

Like last year, in order to qualify for the 2014 Semi-Finals, a poet must finish 1st or 2nd at one of our monthly slams. (In the event that the 1st and/or 2nd place poet has previously qualified, the spot will go to the next highest finisher.) We hold our monthly slam every first Sunday at the Shadowbox Theatre 2400 St. Claude New Orleans. Times may vary during football seasons and Mardi Gras and some months will have loose themes.  This will be done for foreseeable future.
Unlike last year, we are also requiring that every semi-finalist slam at least TWICE between April  and our last slam of the year in December. Because our Grand Slam Finals will determine who represents SNO at the Individual World Poetry Slam (top finisher), the Women of the World Poetry Slam (top female finisher), and Southern Fried and the National Poetry Slam (top five finishers), we feel it's important that those competing for these spots make a commitment to our community by slamming at least twice out of a possible nine slams.  This will be done for the foreseeable future.

Semi's will be the second saturday of Janurary

and Finals will be the last saturday of Janurary

These two nights along with our Feb(wowps fundraiser) , June(team fundraiser), September(iwps fundraiser) slam will have no features.


Semi finals the first round is picked by random order.

the top ten from the first round will then go in reverse order for the second round.

The cumulative score from both rounds are added to determine place and order for finals. Top 8 poets advance to finals 1st place in semi finals go last in first round of finals and 8th place finisher in semi's goes first in first round of finals. Reverse Order in Second Round.

Finals- no poems can be repeated from semi finals

First round-predetermined order from semis
second round- reverse order from first round

Top five make the team for that year.Top finisher win's Iwps Spot. Top women finisher wins Wowps Spot.

All PSI rules apply to slam including tie breakers.

In the event that we need to cancel a slam (i.e., hurricanes, power outages) or if our pool of semi-finalists dips below 12-15 people, we may offer additional semi-finals spots in our final monthly slam in December. If you would like to receive SNO updates via email, send us your email or write us at and we'll add you to our list. We send out friendly show reminders the week before and day of the show.

show starts at 7 PM.  Please arrive a little early if you'd like to perform, Slam sign up is is a first come first serve bases. depending on if we have a feature there will be 6 to 10 slots for the slam available. Spots have been filling up fast. 
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