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Vancouver Poetry Slam - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Thunderclap

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Vancouver Poetry Slam - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
« on: April 29, 2010, 02:36:47 PM »
Vancouver Poetry Slam
every Monday
Café Deux Soleils
2096 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia
hxxp: www. facebook. com/group. php?gid=21824038456&ref=ts

A series of open slams (12 spots).   Team-qualifying slams are every Monday from September through April with the exception of our Youth Poetry Slam on the fourth Monday of each month.   Every poet entered reads once and is judged by 5 judges by standard PSI rules.   Each open slam is two rounds, with only the top five from the first round advancing to the second round.

We use a placement point system that goes like this:  1st place = 16 points, 2nd place = 9 points, 3rd place = 4 points, 4th place = 1 point, 5th place = 0 points.   

In the points system rankings, ties are broken first according to who had the higher finish, and second by points.  So, for instance, if at the end of season Poet A had one second place finish, they would have 9 points, and if Poet B had two third place finishes and a fourth place finish, they would also have 9 points.  Poet A would receive the higher ranking because Poet A finished higher in a slam than Poet B ever did.  But if Poet A and B both had one second place finish, and both had 9 points, and they were tied for the final and fourteenth slot to go directly to playoffs, the tie would be broken by who had the higher score on their second place finish.

Semi-finals are held in two heats with 16 poets (top 15 plus winner of Last Chance Slam) with 8 poets selected by random draw from that 16 performing on each night.   Top 8 (four from each night) from semi-finals advance to finals.   

Finals Night is three rounds.   A three-minute round, a one-minute round, and another three-minute round.   Top five from finals are the team (4 poets + 1 alternate).  If a replacement is required for an open spot in semis, finals, or on the team, the poet who had next immediate place (based on score) advances to fill that spot.
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