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El Paso, TX, Percolator Slam Thunderclap

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El Paso, TX, Percolator Slam
« on: April 01, 2010, 04:30:20 PM »
The Percolator Slam
The 3rd Tuesday of the month (most months)
The Percolator
217 N.  Stanton
El Paso, Tx. 

Mission Statement:

The bi-monthly poetry slams known as The Percolator Slam is brought to you by the poets of Free Hole Slam.  Free Hole Slam is a committee of local poets dedicated to the expansion of art, literature and all things slam worthy in our multi-cultural, multi-national and multi-lingual community.  We maintain the order and bureaucracy set forth by Poetry Slam Incorporated so that El Paso may be represented annually at The National Poetry Slam, Women of the World Poetry Slam and Individual World Poetry Slam.  The members of Free Hole Slam believe that now, more than ever, El Paso's voice can no longer be ignored on a national level.  We have an interest to push our unique voice forward and demand an audience for the art, the issues and the people of the border area.  If you are interested in helping our efforts or becoming a member of Free Hole Slam please talk to Slam Master Jen Shugert or refer to www. freeholeslam. com.

General Info:

The Percolator poetry slams typically take place on the third Tuesday of the month.  Please check www. freeholeslam. com for more information.  Sign up begins at 7:00 pm with the slam commencing at 8:00 pm.  Poetry slams are run in 3 rounds with the highest scoring poets advancing to the next round until only the top 3 poets remain.  Slams are limited to no more than 16 poets and no less than 12.  Slams are open to anyone.  Poetry slam rules are handed out and displayed before each slam.  The emcee also announces the rules at the beginning of each slam.

Slam Rules:

1.  TIME LIMITS: Each poem is limited to 3 minutes.  A Timekeeper is appointed before each slam.  This Timekeeper gives hand signals at the 1 minute, 2 minute and 3 minute marks.  After 3 minutes and 10 seconds, . 5 points will be subtracted for each 10 seconds over.  For example, if a poem runs to 3 minutes and 40 seconds, the poet will have 2. 0 points removed from their final score.  At 4 minutes the microphone is cut and the house music will begin to play. 

2.  PROPS: You cannot use props, costumes or musical accompaniment.  You can beat box, make arm pit noises, whistle, or sing.  You cannot break out the kazoo or bring a hul-a-hoop.

3.  ORIGINAL WORK: Poets must perform original work.  You may use a part of another person's poem within your own poem.  You may not use that poem if it makes up the bulk of your piece. 

4.  NO-REPEAT RULE: In the first 2 rounds of every slam, you are required to perform a piece that has not been previously performed during a poetry slam at the Percolator during that season. 

5. JUDGES: Your poem and performance will be judged by 3 judges selected randomly from the audience before the show.  Every effort is made to select a diverse group of judges that preferably do not have any connections to any of the competing poets.  The Percolator Slam is limited by who is at the venue and who is willing to judge.  If a poet has a problem with any of the judges selected, they should notify the host or slam master before the competition begins.

6.  SCORING: The judges will score each performance from 0. 0 to 10. 0.  Zero is the lowest, ten is the highest.  Scores are allowed to have up to 2 numbers after the decimal point.  Scores must be whole numbers.  For example, acceptable scores can be 7. 6 or 3. 25.  Unacceptable scores are 9. 2674, equations or symbols. The 3 scores are added together.  This sum is your score for the round.

Qualifying for Nationals and Women of the World:

1.  All Percolator Slams follow PSI regulation.  All poets are eligible for the National Poetry Slam each year in August.

2.  The winners of each slam aka the top 3 poets are automatically enrolled in The Percolator Slam Offs to be held on Tuesday, May 18th at 7 pm at the Percolator.

3.  The top 4 poets at the Slam Off will be on the official Percolator Slam Team to compete in the National Poetry Slam in St.  Paul, MN from August 3 to 7th.  5th place and 6th place will be awarded alternate positions. 

4.  All poets on the Slam Team will be required to pay a $20 membership fee to PSI by June 1st.  The fee may be given to slam master jen shugert and she will acquire the membership for you.  Failure to pay the membership fee by that date will result in termination of your team spot and it will be given to an alternate. 

5.  All female poets who have won a position at a Percolator Slam are automatically entered for the Grand Female Slam to be held in January.  The winner of that slam may represent El Paso in the Women of the World Slam in March.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Percolator slam site, www. freeholeslam. com or to Slam Master Jen Shugert. 


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Re: El Paso, TX, Percolator Slam
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god i love texas texas slams texas poets good your here best of luck with your venue if i can ever help you hit me


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Re: El Paso, TX, Percolator Slam
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EP has Slam, yes!