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"Baba Brinkman: The Rap Guide to Evolution" - Saturday 14 November at 10:30PM Thunderclap

Author Topic: "Baba Brinkman: The Rap Guide to Evolution" - Saturday 14 November at 10:30PM  (Read 1793 times)

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Venue: The Green Room Theatre
Date & Time: Saturday 14 November 2009 & 10:30PM (1 hour)

WINNER OF THE SCOTSMAN FRINGE FIRST AWARD for outstanding new writing, Edinburgh 2009, Baba Brinkman:The Rap Guide to Evolution explores the history and current understanding of Darwin's theory, combining hilarious remixes of popular rap songs with storytelling rap/poems that cover Natural Selection, Artificial Selection, Sexual Selection, Group Selection, Unity of Common Descent, and Evolutionary Psychology.  Canadian actor and rapper Baba Brinkman (www. babasword. com) created the “Rap Guide” in consultation with evolutionary biologists and scientific “fact-checkers”, making it a powerful teaching tool as well as a laugh-out-loud entertainment experience.  The show also engages directly with challenging questions about cultural evolution, asking the audience to imagine themselves as the environment and the performer as an organism undergoing a form of live adaptation.

"Brilliantly conceived and effervescently performed.  Not only is it factually correct, it's also dazzlingly intelligent.  After seeing this show, you'll never look at a hip-hop music video in the same way again!" (Four Stars)
The Scotsman

"Brinkman is an excellent performer, combining the boyish energy of a rapper with the clever wit of a comedian and the intelligence of a lecturer to create an excellent production, which could be a new and exciting art form. "

Tickets: www. brownpapertickets. com 
Telephone: 212. 253. 5555
Email: calvin@greenroompresents. com
Website: www. greenroompresents. com