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Hosting a PSi Event - Step 1 & 2 - Event Requirements, Bid Vetting Form

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Scott Woods:

The vetting form has been updated with language inquiring about side event diversity from potential hosts.
The updated document is in the same post above.

Host City bid master is updated with instructions to send completed material to the Executive Director, Karrie Waarala.
       If you are considering putting in a bid for one of PSi's events, please feel free to use the same email address to ask questions, make inquiries about open dates, or to get help from PSi in explaining and filling in the information requested on this form.
     Psi's experience in running these events grows and develops every year.  As a host city, you will have a good deal of support from people who have been down this road before, some of them, many times. 
     Thanks for considering to host!


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