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Minneapolis SlamMN 2010 Season Selection Process
« on: August 18, 2009, 05:42:03 PM »
Here are the 2010 selection rules for
The 4th Tuesday of the month (most months)
Kieran's Irish Pub
330 2nd Ave S.
Minneapolis MN

SlamMN! poetry slams typically take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month check the calendar for more info. Signup and seating opens at 7:00 pm with the slam commencing at 8:00 pm.

Each Poet is given 3 minutes (for some events this time limit changed) to perform an original piece of work. The host will announce bout structure and explain any special rules for the evening at the beginning of the bout. Be sure to listen carefully!

Most slams have an open sign-up these are called Qualifying Slams,
if you place in the top 3 at a Qualifying slam you are qualified to advance to the Semi-Final Slam!
if you place in the top 5 at the Semi-Finals Slam you may advance to the Team Selection Slam! The winner of each Semi-final will be offered a slot on the National Team and will earn a slot in the IWPS representative match.
if you ranked high enough at the Team selection Slam you are on the SlamMN National Poetry Slam Team Congrats!

Slams are open to anyone, however, according to Poetry Slam Inc. regulations, poets must be 21 years of age in order to participate at the National Poetry Slam; some years the host city lowers this age limit to 18. Our local venue is all ages, and we encourage poets of all ages to participate in the local competition.

SlamMN! slams are run in multiple rounds of competition and with the highest scoring poets from each round advancing. Qualifying slams are open to 12 poets. In instances of tied scores (within 0.1 points of one another), tied poets will advance. The top three poets in each Qualifying Slam can advance to Semi-finals.
   ORIGINAL WORK: Poets must perform original work.
   NO-REPEAT RULE: In the first round of every slam, you are required to perform a piece that has not been previously performed during a poetry slam at Kieran's during that season. For those poets that have been on a SlamMN! slam team, you cannot use any poem that has been used in a SlamMN! team chapbook or on a SlamMN! team CD during the time you were on the team.
   NO REPEAT SHEET: At each slam competitors will be given a form to fill out listing the poems they competed with that evening. List only the poems that you used and turn the sheet in at the end of the show. You are not eligible to compete in another slam until the turned in form is received.
   SAMPLING: using a part of another person's poem within your own poem is allowed. For example, if you quote a line from Robert Frost, you can still use that poem. If Robert Frost wrote the poem and you include a quote from you, you cannot use the poem.
   LENGTH: You have three minutes to perform one poem in each round. Poems written in parts (i.e. eight haiku about winter) are allowed if they are performed as one piece. For certain competitions the time limit is changed this will be announced in advance.
   TIME PENALTY: After three minutes (or whatever the allotted time may be) and a ten second grace period, your overall score will be penalized. Time penalties are half a point for every ten second you go over. For example: if your performance is 3:09:29, you are in the clear. If it is 3:10:01, 0.5 points will be subtracted from your score. If it is 3:42:05, then you will have 2.0 points deducted, etc.
   PROPS: You cannot use props, costumes or musical accompaniment. You can beat box, make arm pit noises, whistle, or sing. You cannot break out the kazoo or bring a beat loop.
   JUDGES: Your poem and performance will be judged by three to five judges selected before the show. Every effort is made to select a diverse group of judges that preferably do not have any connections to any of the competing poets. SlamMN! is limited by who is at the venue and who is willing to judge. If a poet has a problem with any of the judges selected, they should notify the host before the competition begins.
   SCORING: The judges will score each performance from 0.0 to 10.0. Zero is very bad, ten is very good. If we have five judges the high and low scores are dropped and the three scores in the middle are added together. This sum is your score for the round.
If the winners of the team Selection Slam are unable to attend NPS SlamMN will go down the list of qualified finals poets to determine the team.

The Finals will have a minimum of 7 competitors if less than 7 qualified competitors are present and able to compete at the Team Selection show Contestants shall be moved up from based on the total number of Points (this is different than scores) earned throughout the Season The Point structure works as follows:

1st place = 5 points
2nd place = 4 points
3rd place = 3 points
Competing at a slam without placing = 1 point

SlamMN will move up poets to insure a total number of 7 in Finals if there is a two way tie for points we will take up to 8 poets. If there is a tie that would result in more than a total  of 8 poets in finals we will break the tie first by rank in Semi-Finals and then by total Score in Semi-finals. If the poets involved in the tie-breaker competed in both semi-finals their highest ranking bout will be used as the determining factor.

If you have any questions, please email the Slam Masters.