Author Topic: Calling Chicago area Poets and performers!  (Read 1552 times)


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Calling Chicago area Poets and performers!
« on: August 05, 2009, 12:25:22 PM »
Hey Good people of Chi-town. I just this e-mail from my friend Cathy in Chi-town. She's looking for a few acts for a war -time era show. Contact her at the e-mail address listed below. I have no additonal info on this show. I have performed in Burlesque shows with Cathy in the past and she's fun to work with and a good person.

The Letter:

Looking for up to 4 acts for a wartime era based theater show. We have lots of singing and burlesque already, but we are missing performance art, spoken word, and experimental dance. This is a fundraising event.
The show will be a 2 night run on a Friday and Saturday (Sept 11th & 12th). Normally when I produce fundraising events, I ask that performers donate their time. Because this is a 2 night run and new material will half to be created, I would like to offer $35. I know it is not much, but if I go higher than that, I am afraid that it will not leave us much to donate.
We will have a narrator (Oosha Boom) who will be developing a storyline. The acts for this should be a little longer (5-8ish min... combining music is just fine) so that the show is about 90 min long.
If you are interested in creating a challenging, dramatic piece to include in the one of a kind production, please contact me ASAP at



Cathy Russell

AKA Maiden Sacrifice