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The 2006 NPS Anthology !?!? Thunderclap

Author Topic: The 2006 NPS Anthology !?!?  (Read 3324 times)


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The 2006 NPS Anthology !?!?
« on: November 18, 2008, 11:38:15 AM »
Howdy.  This is Aaron Enskat, former Slammaster/Host of Normal, IL.  I am going to be writing my Vita and getting ready to apply for some teaching jobs in the next month or two, and I was wondering if the 2006 Anthology is ever going to get published.  If not, I will not put it on my Vita, but if it is, I would like to be able to use it. 

On a seperate note, if it is not, that is sad.  What are the reasons the anthologies were always so far behind, and why have they now become defunct.  I thought that they were brilliant ideas, and created a space for the genre to continue it's fight for mainstream credibility as both an art form and a literary movement.  If there is something that can be done to get it back on it's feet, I think that should be done and I would certainly like to help.  I know other poets who also have been willing to help, and could contact them to.

Thank you very much.  Look forward to hearing back from you.

Aaron Enskat
Former Slammaster/Host of Ear Candy: The Normal Poetry Slam

Scott Woods

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Re: The 2006 NPS Anthology !?!?
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2008, 01:10:29 PM »

Thanks for asking.  It is unlikely that it will be released, or at least any time soon.  It's a lot of work to put one of those out, and with resources being what they are PSi is focusing its attention on making sure we can do the things that we have to do.  Unfortunately, the anthologies were not a "must"; they were a "If we can afford to, let's."

They came out slow because I am, on occassion, a piss-poor slave driver.


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Re: The 2006 NPS Anthology !?!?
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2008, 04:48:36 PM »
Scott is too modest. He drives just fine. It is also worth noting that the anthology has always been a worthwhile effort, but that none of them has ever actually become a profitable venture. That is to say, PSi has never lost a nickel on those projects because they don't pay for submissions, editing, layout, design, or production. All of those fees fall to our publisher (Who is me with a different hat on) The Wordsmith Press. Then TWP pays to produce a run of the books, pays for a copy for each person who submitted and pays the postage and printing to send a copy to each contributor, editor, volunteer who worked on the product. THEN begins to collect some money back on sales made in predominantly three markets: 1), 2) and 3)

I love the anthologies, for exactly the same reasons you cite. But until we can begin to sell a thousand or more instead of a couple hundred, it just can't support itself.

Once we can get PSi back into the black, then we can probably begin to reinstitute some of the marginal projects we have had in the past. This is likely to be a first place to begin to improve.