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Seattle Poetry Slam Team Selection Process

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Seattle Poetry Slam Team Selection Process
« on: May 03, 2008, 09:07:42 PM »
Seattle's slam happens weekly, with the season beginning in early september and ending in later april/early may.

Open Slams: 3 rounds. 1st round random order, top 5 advance. 2nd round reverse order of the 1st, top 3 advance. 3rd round random order. Each contestant in 3rd round earns points towards semifinal.

After 7 open Slams we hold a semifinal - taking the top 8 point earners into the competition.
Semifinal - two full rounds of all 8 - 1st round random order, 2nd round reverse order. Top 3 cumulative scores advance to 3rd round with a clean slate. Round 3 is random order - top 2 scoring poets advance to the Grand Slam.

3 Semifinals take place during the season. The week preceding the Grand Slam a Wild Card Slam is held to determine the final two slots in the grand slam competition. 16 slots are opened up, random order 1st round, top 8 in the 2nd round, top 4 in the 3rd. Top 2 advance to the grand slam.

The Grand Slam is the final competition to determine the Seattle team and follows the same flow as a semifinal slam, but adds in a 2nd sacrificial (one male, one female) and grace period is 20sec instead of 10. Top 4 cumulative scores will be team members. Top 3 move to 3rd round to determine the grand slam champion.

Seattle Poetry Slam
Every Wed at ToST
513 N. 36th St - in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle
21& over, ID required, $5 cover