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What's the slam scene in Philadelphia?

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Here's a FB specifically about open-mics, spoken word events and whatnot in Philly
the long and short of it is that there are lots of open-mics but slam comes and goes. also, when going to open-mics make sure it's not music only, Philly is a music town more than a poetry town.

Hey this us tge slam master for tge fuze in Philly . Philly is just as much as a poetry town as a music town. Up until tge fuze there wasn't a slam scene and with tge addition if the pigeon now there is . Facebook me @sherod Smallman 

Thanks Sherod and Dahled.

I'm not often in my hometown, but I'll be back for Christmas and some family visits in the Spring. I went to the Fuze two years ago around Thanksgiving to check out the open mic and the place was locked, chair-on-tables kind of thing. But I'm glad to hear you're still at it and that poetry is still happening regularly there.

Thanks for bumping this back up! I hope to check out your slam next time I'm in town.

Dahled, someday I need to perform my poem about Chester when you're in the room. I don't know if you'll like me more or less afterward, but I think either way it'll resonate with you.


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