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Forum Downtime

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Forum Downtime
« on: January 31, 2008, 01:06:33 PM »
We had some unexpected downtime that started yesterday morning, which resulted in a database revert to a backup.  I do not believe we lost any posts, as the board automatically locked when the errors started to hit.  If you notice any errors or missing posts, please post them here.

The issue was not a hack, but a error that accumulated an large amount (75 Megabytes) of data, which ended up crashing the DB.  This should not happen again.

It has highlighted the clunky process by which we restore backups.  I am going to set up our own automatic daily backups which will allow me to make restorations much faster.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the technical difficulties we are experiencing.

About the registration issues:
The registration process should not have been affected prior to the issue, but there
 have been other issues with some user's systems, and the registration process. Until I get the system in an ironclad foolproof format, I am more than happy to make manual edits to the database to get things operating properly.

I am working on a significant upgrade to our system to make this process easier for everyone involved, as well as a documentation program to disseminate information in a friendlier fashion.

I am really sorry about the problems you have all faced, and I am working diligently to avoid future issues.

-Erik Daniel

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