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Hampshire College Slam Collective
« on: January 14, 2008, 08:58:37 PM »
Hampshire College Slam Collective
Every Tuesday at 7:30
Franklin Patterson Hall, Main Lecture Hall,
893 West St. Amherst, MA 01002

Although our venue is located on a college campus, competition for the Slam Collective Nationals Team is open to all.  In order to qualify to try out for the team, however, we need to know that you are an active contributor to the Slam Collective's weekly reading, and as such we have implemented a points system.  In order to sign up to compete for the HCSC National Slam Team in the semi-final, you must have acquired 10 points.  Points will be recorded only upon request.  You can see current point totals (as well as the method by which point are accrued) here:

The semi-finals for the Nationals Team will take place on:



The top 4 competitors from each 2-round Semi Final bout will advance to the Finals. The 3 round Finals will take place on:


The top 4 competitors from the 3 round final will form the Hampshire Slam Collective Nationals Team.  For these competitions, there will be NO REPEATS (that is to say, you must read 5 different poems in order to win a place on our team.)  In the unlikely case of there being more than 16 qualified competitors, those poets with the highest point totals will be given sign up preference.

* Poets who slam in the finals are considered committed to the Hampshire College Slam Team. Poets who are not interested in attending NPS with the Hampshire may not slam in finals.
*If there is a tie for the fourth slot, all tied poets will return to the stage for one more round. The order will be the same as the last round. Scores reset to zero and the top poet(s) at the end of that round qualify for the team.

The following are compulsory requirements for Hampshire Slam Team members:
    * Attendance at the National Poetry Slam of that calendar year, assuming the Hampshire County Team is qualified to attend.
    * Financial responsibility for travel and stay at NPS (beyond whatever the team and venue are able to raise), assuming attendance.
    * As our venue is not available during the summer, members of the Hampshire team are required to live in the same city as one another.  If you qualify for the finals, you are expected to live for the duration of the summer in a location determined by a team vote. 
    * Respect and support of teammates, coach, and home venue.
    * Poets are expected to attend regular weekly practice sessions, and are encouraged to workshop their poetry with other members of the team.

If a team member is unable to fulfill these responsibilities, or the poet declares a desire to depart the team and/or slam for another team, the poet will no longer be considered a member of the Hampshire Slam Team for the purposes of PSi.

If a team member departs, but the team is still at the minimum size for NPS competition, the remaining team members will decide if they wish to replace the team member, with final discretion falling to the SlamMaster. If the departure of one or more team members causes the team to be under the minimum size for NPS competition, the team member(s) will automatically be replaced until the team reaches minimum size.

In all cases, the replacement hierarchy for a team member is as follows:

   1. The next available top scorer(s) in the final rounds of the Hampshire Team Selection Finals.
   2. Open vote among all interested parties, wherein said parties may not vote for themselves. Ties will be broken by the vote of the SlamMaster.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Slammaster via Hampshire's homepage.

Sean Patrick Mulroy