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Ann Arbor Poetry Slam

Author Topic: Ann Arbor Poetry Slam  (Read 6869 times)


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Ann Arbor Poetry Slam
« on: January 02, 2008, 10:36:02 AM »
Ann Arbor Poetry Slam
1st Tuesday of every month
Heidelberg, Club Above
215 North Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Slam is first-come, first-served open signup.

Up to 8 competitors.

Two rounds.

All poets read in the first round.

The top two scoring poets compete in the second.

Poets who compete twice, and achieve first or second place once are eligible to compete in the semi-finals.

Semi-finals are 3 rounds. The number of poets eliminated each round depends on the total number of competitors. The top six poets advance to the finals.

Finals is two rounds. The top 4 poets qualify for NPS.  If any poets cannot attend, the next highest placing poet is moved up. If they can't go, this process repeats until someone is found who is able to go. If all finalists and semifinalists are exhausted, then an open competition will be held.

IWPS, WoWPS - One bout, first-come, first-served, winner takes all open Slam. 3 rotations, first rotation all poets compete, cut to seven, finally, cut to four.  Winner qualifies for the tournament. If the winner declines, the next highest placing poet qualifies, until one is found who can attend.