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Neo Soul Poetry (Southflavas), Austin, Texas

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Neo Soul Poetry (Southflavas), Austin, Texas
« on: December 08, 2007, 04:52:04 PM »
Neo Soul Poetry Lounge
Every Thurday
weekly open mic
Monthly slam
1st Thursday of each month- cash prizes

Club Illusions
2700 Pecan Street West
Pflugerville, Texas 78660

Neo Soul Poetry Slam Selection Process:
Team Neo Soul is selected from poets participating at the Neo Soul Poetry Slam held the first Thursday of the month at Illusions or at any official Neo Soul slam event.
The keeping and submission of accurate statistics for each slam (including Ranking) will be the responsibility of Brian Francis, Neo Soul Slammaster.

Slam Season
Qualification for Team Neo Soul occurs throughout the slam season, November 2007 to February 2008. During this time, there will be a minimum of 6 slams. 

Every poet will be ranked based on how they finish at each slam. The first 4 finishers at every slam will automatically qualifiy for the Neo Slam Q slam and/or The Show.

Selection of Team Neo Soul
Team Neo Soul will be selected through a series of semi-final slams and a final slam. All poets competing in the semi-finals (Q Slams) and final (the Show) must qualify through the regular Neo Soul slam (see “Eligibility to Try Out for Team Neo Soul” below).

1. Semi-Final Slams (Q Slams)
a. Two Q Slams will be held at Neo Soul Poetry Lounge. Both will be held no later than  March 2008.  If there are less than 16 poets qualified then the Q slam format will be dropped and all the qualified poets will compete in The Show.

Q Slam Format - will include no more than the top 20 eligible poets based on the top four finishers (or the next highest finishing poet that has not qualified)  in the regular slams. Each Q slam will have up to 10 poets- the determination of which poets will compete in which Q slam will be made be randomly placed in each Q slam;   

2. The Show- Team Neo Soul Grand Slam

The Neo Soul Slam Finals aka The Show will take place two weeks after the conclusion of the Q Slams at Club Illusions. The 10 poetic warriors (or 16 poets if there is no Q slam), based on finish during the Q Slams,  will vie for five spots on Team Neo Soul, to represent the one of the hottest slam venue in the nation (please check Team Neo Soul’s  NPS 2006 2nd place and NPS 2007 20th place finish). These verbal gladiators will wield swords (minus the first “s”) until only five poets are standing. The 2008 Show is the next chapter in the Neo Soul’s amazing history …in 2006 the legend was started…in 2007 it continued…in 2008 it lives on.    
Eligible to be an Alternate
A person is eligible to be an alternate if they have participated in either of the Q slams, the Show, or the regular slams. In determining which person will be asked to participate the slam master will consider the availability for practices, commitment to team approach, and the overall fit with the team.